Makeup Wars brings you My Favorite Makeup Brush

This is the 5th mission of the Makeup Wars team. Some weeks they make me pick and choose like in the Taupe wars and the favorite Summer Lippy wars. Some weeks the Makeup Wars leaders make me work like they did in the $20 Face challenge. And some weeks they make me get really glitzed up like they did in the Most Expensive Face wars. Well this week we’ve been assigned to show you our favorite brush. It’s like they handed me a mission on a silver platter.

Paula Dorf Eyeliner brush x3

To be honest my favorite brush wasn’t what came to mind first though. I initially thought of the MAC 217 brush since I use it every single day. It’s extremely versatile to me. I also thought briefly of the MAC 239 brush since that one is also another that gets used constantly. I really don’t want to be without either of these two in my collection.

The runners up: MAC 239 and MAC 217

But the true star – the winner – the brush I need more than any other is the Paula Dorf Eyeliner Brush. I’ve never come close to finding a brush that could take its place. It’s the perfect size for both my hand and for my eye. My eyeliner of choice is a gel liner. I have a drawer full and use them probably 6 days out of 7. The brush can make or break the way my eyeliner looks though and Paula Dorf’s Eyeliner Brush makes it. So much in fact that as you can see by my picture I have 3 of them! Plus I’m pretty sure I have another in my travel kit. How could this brush not have won???

Paula Dorf Eyeliner Brush in all its glory

PD eyeliner brush head

The brush has the thinnest yet sturdiest head of any I’ve tried. A long time ago there was a brand called Who’s The Fairest? and they sold a very thin brush that I liked a lot. Two problems though – one the brand went out of business and two the brush didn’t have a long life. Eventually it would break down and either become weak or splay and had to be tossed. I don’t find that at all with the Paula Dorf brush. I’ve had these brushes for years now and they work as good now as they did when new. I can’t tell the difference in the age of these brushes.

What I do to take care of them might make a difference in longevity. I take an Almay Non-Oily Eye Makeup remover pad and roll the dirty brush on the pad. It cleans the brush without leaving a residue and helps keep its shape. I’ve cleaned them other ways too so I know it’s the brush that’s so wonderful.  I’ve actually reviewed the two of these before about two years ago. My love hasn’t changed.

The brush is 5 ¼ inches/13 cm long with the head being a drop more than ¼ inch and less than 1 cm long. At the widest part of the handle it’s just ¼ inch wide. It fits comfortably in my hand and is easy to maneuver. I can do a thick line, a typical line or if I’m very careful get an extremely thin line.

size comparison

This is a brush I’d go to war for!! Join my Makeup War friends by clicking the arrows or icons to see what other brushes you’ll want to add to your shopping list. I think the Paula Dorf one should be number 1 on your list though. — Marcia


  1. This is a brush I need to check out. I love to use gel liners but have to be careful about precision. I’ll try anything to speed up my morning routine!

  2. OH NO– brushes that I don’t have, and must have!!!!!!!

  3. I don’t have any of her brushes, I’ll have to check them out!

  4. Paula Dorf brushes are hidden wonders. I love the ones I have. I used my Baby Cheeks brush all the time and wish it wasn’t discontinued.

  5. Lola, it’s just our way of getting back at you for all the temptation you bring.

  6. I tried so many brushes Brooke but this is IT. $20 and it’s perfect.

  7. Well done!!!!!!!

  8. That MAC 217 was my runner-up, too. Couldn’t live without it!

  9. I use the MAC 217 everyday too, and thought about using that as my favorite. I only have two eyeliner brushes, and really need another. I’m definitely going to check out this one as an option.

  10. I remember “Who’s the Fairest”! There were quite a few products that I loved from them, their eyeliner sealant and one of there face powders (it was peach, can’t remember name). Agreed, a perfect eyeliner brush is key for gel liner application. My fave for gel liners is my Bobbi Brown one.

  11. Pammy, glad to see someone else goes as far back as I do with WTF!

  12. Aren’t we funny that we need multiples of our favorite brushes. Not ha ha funny though!

  13. Ooh teeny but interesting. The 239 and 217 were my runners up as well!

  14. As I love gel eyeliner, I so need to pick up that brush! It looks awesome 🙂

  15. Perilously Pale, this is Holy Grail!

  16. I have that same brush and love it for my gel liners. Overall, I think that Paula Dorf does not get enough love on beauty blogs and forums.

  17. I love Paula Dorf makeup. I never thought to try her brushes!

  18. Poor Paula Dorf. She doesn’t get enough attention. Her brushes are great.


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