Your Bijoux Box May 2017 review! #YourBijouxBoxStyle

May 2017 Your Bijoux Box

April showers brought May flowers….and May brought a beautiful box from Your Bijoux Box!  This month’s sweet selection includes a statement necklace, a long necklace, stunning earrings, and a sassy retro wallet.  It’s well worth the $36 and certainly was a lovely spring surprise to find on my porch!     sample, affiliate links
May 2017 Your Bijoux BoxThe May Collection from Your Bijoux Box is a coordinated set of three jewelry pieces that complement almost any outfit, dressed up or dressed down. Each monthly box has three items for women (this month there were three jewelry items plus one extra item). The boxes are curated by stylists so although these are customized, everyone gets the same jewelry each month, although May was a little different – there were two styles of necklaces available and two styles of earrings, so each box was a little different. A monthly subscription is $36 and there are options for a three-month ($103) or six month ($206) subscription. They ship to the US and Canada.

Your Bijoux Box May 2017My box arrived pretty early in May, before Mother’s Day, so the pretty card inside was wonderful.  Actually, this would have made a great gift for my mom (although I was a selfish daughter and kept for myself…hopefully I’m not going to burn in hell for it.)

Anne Taintor Wallet
Anne Taintor Wallet
Anne Taintor Wallet
Anne Taintor Wallet

In honor of Mother’s Day, Your Bijoux Box included this awesome extra – the super sassy and fabulously retro Anne Taintor Wallet.  Love the pink, love the wrap around zipper, and seriously – stop me before I volunteer again, would you??

Peony Necklace
Peony Necklace
Peony Necklace
Peony Necklace
Peony Necklace
Peony Necklace

Speaking of retro, the Peony Necklace is a statement piece with a retro vibe all its own.  The opalescent petals with golden stones are feminine and unique, and it’s something that you can wear with a strappy sundress or with a white t-shirt, capris, and wedges for lunch with the girlfriends.

House of Harlow Tessellation Earrings
House of Harlow Tessellation Earrings
House of Harlow Tessellation Earrings
House of Harlow Tessellation Earrings
House of Harlow Tessellation Earrings
House of Harlow Tessellation Earrings

There are two possibilities for earrings, both from House of Harlow:  either the blue and green pyramid stud Meatora Earrings, or the Tessellation Earrings.  Lucky me, I got the Tessellation Earrings, which perfectly match my Tessellation Cuff from a previous box!!Your Bijoux Box Tessellation Cuff

I love the gorgeous geometric design, and my House of Harlow collection is growing.  All the pieces are so complimentary to one another – I’m quite impressed.  The Tessellation Earrings are gold with silvery crystals, so they are very versatile.

House of Harlow Frequency Necklace
House of Harlow Frequency Necklace
House of Harlow Frequency Necklace
House of Harlow Frequency Necklace
House of Harlow Frequency Necklace
House of Harlow Frequency Necklace

The final item is the House of Harlow Chain.  Your box will either have the Frequency Necklace in gold or the Torre Pyramids Necklace in either silver or gold.  My box had the Frequency Necklace, which is a great match with the Tessellation Earrings.  It’s an odd necklace, though – I find the length challenging for me.  It will work great on those with a longer – or shorter – torso.  For me, it seems to hit at just the wrong spot, and all the little triangle pyramids keep flipping over.  I actually sort of hiked the necklace up a bit to try to get a good photo of it on.  I think I probably would have liked the Torre Pyramids Necklace better, but that’s part of the beauty of subscription boxes…you just never know what you are going to get, and anything I don’t like someone else LOVES so it makes for an awesome gift.

The May 2017 Your Bijoux Box is a great assortment of cool and sassy pieces.  If you haven’t signed up for Your Bijoux Box yet, why not do it now?  Click HERE for 50% off your first box on 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions!!  – Lisa

*sample sent for review; affiliate links  #YourBijouxBoxStyle

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  1. Omneya Andrea Acosta-Dhmaid | 24th May 17

    I dunno about that one… :/

  2. Naked Without Polish | 24th May 17

    That wallet makes me laugh, but this box just isn’t up my alley.

  3. Lola Seicento | 24th May 17

    Super cute earrings!

  4. betzy cuellar | 24th May 17

    I really do like the earrings.

  5. Deb E | 24th May 17

    The Frequency Necklace would drive me crazy! I would need to have all the triangles going one way! I have a necklace like that and it also irritates me. My mum is elderly and wouldn’t appreciate too many jewelry clasps to fiddle with but I do like this box’s contents.

  6. Tabitha | 24th May 17

    What a neat necklace!

  7. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 24th May 17

    What a great box! I have quite a House of Harlow collection due to my Rocksbox subscription.

  8. Kristi V BeginNails | 24th May 17

    I really like the earrings! Geometric and some length – may favorites! Great review! I wish I wore jewelry more to make a subscription box worth it.

  9. Bailey | 25th May 17

    What great pieces! I love the House of Harlow necklace.

  10. Polarbelle | 25th May 17

    That looks like a really nice box, Lisa. I love everything in it.

  11. Erika | 25th May 17

    The wallet is cute! And I love those earrings.

  12. Courtney B | 25th May 17

    I’m not sure how I feel about the box, but I do like the earrings!

  13. Nikki | 25th May 17

    The box seems really nice! I absolutely adore the earrings! They’re super cute. I’m not much for statement necklaces, so the Peony necklace definitely isn’t for me. The Frequency necklace is a cute idea executed terribly. The necklace is cute but it would absolutely drive a person insane because you’d spend your entire day trying to flip the triangles back down, haha! Maybe I’m insane, but I’d go crazy!

  14. Sandy Cain | 26th May 17

    Those earrings are great! Perfect to catch the light of the summer sun, or outdoors at night to refelct whatever light is available. Summer is the time to have fun, and dress for beauty. Love them!

  15. Ehmkay nails | 26th May 17

    It’s a decent box but I’d rather pick out my own jewelry.

  16. Maryann D. | 28th May 17

    I would love to have the jewelry in this box. I do think they are unique and my style!

  17. Lacquerexpression | 29th May 17

    This is Ann interesting box concept but I don’t accessorize enough for me to subscribe.

  18. Chelsea | 31st May 17

    Those earrings are amazing! May have to treat myself for my birthday.

  19. Nina | 4th Jun 17

    I actually like this box a lot! I have a hard time accessorizing so this would help me lots!

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