What you need for a perfect Memorial Day Weekend Getaway with IT Cosmetics!

Essentials for Memorial DayMemorial Day weekend is wonderful for many reasons – we have that extra day to remember our loved ones who aren’t physically with us anymore. We have a little more time to spend with the people we love who are still here, and we have some precious time to relax and rest. If you are lucky, you get to spend that time at the pool or the beach.

Aaahhhh....rest and relaxation!!
Aaahhhh….rest and relaxation!!

I’m heading to the pool! I have a few must-have’s that are absolutely essential for my Memorial Day pool getaway…I wonder how they compare to your list?IT Cosmetics Beach BagIT Cosmetics

First, a great beach bag is essential. I was sent the ultimate beach bag from IT Cosmetics – it’s big, it has a waterproof and sand-proof bottom, and it has a zippered top.  It really is perfection.  They also sent a wonderful round towel.  Love it!!

J Crew Panama Hat
J Crew Panama Hat

Hopefully the sun is out, which means sun protection is in order. I always wear a hat, and I love my J Crew Panama Hat. I also always wear sunglasses, and the coolest sunglasses in existence are the Garrett Leight Wilson Sunglasses that I bought from Shopbop.

Garrett Leight Wilson Sunglasses and Samsung Galaxy
Garrett Leight Wilson Sunglasses and Samsung Galaxy

For real – they are the COOLEST. No exaggeration. I also always have my phone with me. I love my Samsung Galaxy, although I have the S6 and I think it’s time for an upgrade, don’t you? Come on, enable me!!

Shoshanna Bikini
Shoshanna Bikini

It can’t be called a pool party without the perfect bikini. I favor Shoshanna bikinis.  They are bra sized and I always love the sweet, feminine prints. You can find her swimwear at Shopbop at incredible prices.

Eliza Flat Halogen Sandals
Eliza Flat Halogen Sandals

Of course, the perfect sandals are necessary. I got these Eliza Flat Halogen Sandals through Trunk Club. Have you heard of Trunk Club yet??  It’s a personal shopping service that is run through Nordstrom. You get a personal shopper who works with you. He or she picks out TEN pieces that you actually get to preview and approve online before they are sent to you in a big old trunk. Then you get five days to try on everything and decide if you want to keep anything. My personal shopper is incredible. Her name is Paulina and I swear, she is psychic. She knows what I want even when I have no idea. The only drawback is I have spent so much money that if my hubby knew he would probably leave me. But my wardrobe is rocking. If you try this service, go with Paulina – use this link and it will give me a credit, for which I will be forever thankful!

BKR Glass and Silicone Water Bottle
BKR Glass and Silicone Water Bottle

Another Memorial Day pool party essential is a water bottle. I am still raving about my BKR Glass and Silicone Water Bottle that came with my Zoe Report Box of Style Spring 2017. The newest Box of Style is out now…I am hoping it arrives soon.

IT Cosmetics recently sent me some fantastic travel size products that are really terrific for taking to the pool and the beach. Pop these into your beach bag along with a little travel mirror and you will have everything you need for looking great and feeling wonderful.

IT Cosmetics...travel sized and beach party ready!
IT Cosmetics…travel sized and beach party ready!

Confidence in a Cream Travel Size ($16)  Skin gets dry thanks to sun, wind, and chlorine, so a little bit of moisture every so often is the perfect answer. I adore IT Confidence in a Cream because it moisturizes thirsty skin, giving it a nice glow; it tackles skin texture and leaves it feeling smooth; it evens out skin tone; and it reduces the look of pores. Plus the travel size jar is perfect for a beach bag or a purse.

Confidence in a Cream Travel Size
Confidence in a Cream Travel Size

CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ Travel Size ($15)  Spending the day outside, a full coverage foundation doesn’t sound right…but neither does going bare-faced. I love the travel size version of IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ which has more coverage than a BB cream, but is still lighter than a foundation. It doesn’t get any better than this anti-aging serum and broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 50+ protection all in one fabulous package.

CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ Travel Size
CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ Travel Size

Bye Bye Under Eye Full-Coverage Waterproof Concealer Travel Size ($10) Ok, somehow my computer ate my photo of Bye Bye Under Eye Full-Coverage Concealer…but your skin won’t do the same, because this concealer lasts and lasts, even if you are swimming in a chlorine-filled pool. For those of you with decent skin, you probably just need a few little dots blended in under your eyes and maybe under your nose for fabulous coverage that looks natural and stays all day. This is my go-to concealer and has been for years and years.

IT Cosmetics travel size Bye Bye Undereye
IT Cosmetics travel size Bye Bye Undereye

Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil Mini ($12)  When my secretary when to Mexico for vacation, she asked me which brow pencil to get so she could comfortably lay by the pool knowing she had eyebrows safely in place. Without hesitation I recommended the Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil Mini, which I knew would work for her – and she is a strawberry redhead. It works for pretty much everyone and the spoolie and formula makes sure those brows are well-groomed and stay in place!

Brow Powder Universal Brow Pencil Mini
Brow Powder Universal Brow Pencil Mini
Brow Powder Universal Brow Pencil Mini
Brow Powder Universal Brow Pencil Mini
Brow Powder Universal Brow Pencil Mini
Brow Powder Universal Brow Pencil Mini

IT’s Your Brush Love Mini ($12)  The perfect mini-solution for quick cleaning lip brushes, eyeshadow brushes, powder brushes…I even use it to touch up overzealous lipstick or eyeliner application. It works like a dream and the size is truly perfect.

IT's Your Brush Love Mini
IT’s Your Brush Love Mini

With the perfect towel, bikini, sunglasses, hat, sandals, and cosmetics tucked into a fabulous beach bag I am totally ready for my pool party this weekend. Oh wait, I forgot my phone…that’s ok, I need to upgrade anyway!!!  Come on ladies, tell me…what did I leave off my list that YOU consider to be an essential for a perfect day at the pool or beach?  – Lisa

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  1. Crystal Fuentes | 25th May 17

    Ahhh! My favorite time of the year! Bring out the flip-flops, sunglasses, beach towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, last but not least….The best make up that will stay on through it all!

  2. gloria patterson | 25th May 17

    Love that the beach bag has a zipper and round towel…… Just saw some pictures of this towel.

    Based on this you go prepared and look good at the pool/beach.

    You didn’t have a book!

  3. Never Say Die Beauty | 25th May 17

    Oh, what a great idea! Still too cold for the beach around here, but I need to start putting my beach bag supplies together. I had no idea that IT Cosmetics had so many minis! I need some for my bag!

  4. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 25th May 17

    I need to start packing my each bag if it would ever start raining!

  5. Anastasia | 25th May 17

    Love this post! So many amazing products, and wow that bikini is the cutest thing ever. I’ll check out the brand for sure!

  6. Promise Fuentes | 26th May 17

    Neato! I personally love winter! 🙂 I’m a December baby ??

  7. Betzy Cuellar | 26th May 17

    The bikini is amazing! I will definitely take use of this post.

  8. Bailey | 26th May 17

    I love the water, but hate the heat of summer… I love those sunglasses though!

  9. Cindi | 26th May 17

    I love that hat. It’s so classic.

  10. beautyin | 27th May 17

    Shoot, Gloria, you are right!!!!!! I totally forgot!!! Right now I am reading The Interestings: A Novel by Meg Wolitzer, which is fantastic so far. But my ultimate beach read is Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. How about you, any recommendations?

  11. Sandy P | 27th May 17

    Lisa, perfect things for the beach. Over here in West Michigan I love the beaches but too cool yet. Nothing like a Lake Michigan sunset!

  12. Lola Seicento | 30th May 17

    What great picks for a picnic at the beach!

  13. Lindsey Tanberg | 31st May 17

    All the travel minis are so stinkin’ cute.I love IT Cosmetics!That beach tote and towel are so pretty! They sure hooked you up. To me a trip to the pool or beach wouldn’t be complete without a couple of bottles of cucumber water and frozen tropical fruit. And of course my Hempz sunscreen, Pacifica Happy Essence hydro mist,chilled. Those are some of the ways I stay cool out in the summer sun. Hope you had a good Memorial day.

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