What is inside Lisa’s vintage purse?

I am all about purses, but not really the latest…although I definitely appreciate a Chanel or a Prada when I see one! My style is more boho or vintage, and when I find a gorgeous vintage purse I just about turn inside out. I love my stunning vintage purse that was actually a gift to me from my most beloved friend, who obviously understands my preferences because it is perfect for me.

It may not have a label, but I love it!
It may not have a label, but I love it!

Vintage purse handle

Vintage purse beadingVintage purse 2

Now, I am a realist and I know I am a major procrastinator (just ask my poor, ever-patient blogging partner Marcia), so I just keep this purse filled with the perfect products at all times. That way, when I am running late for a fancy evening or event – and I am ALWAYS running late – I can just grab this and go, knowing that I have everything I need.

Vintage purse inside

My favorite dressy purse contains a few beautiful and essential items that I was sent last year from Mont Bleu, an online site that features Swarovski jewelry and crystal nail files. This particular makeup mirror is still available – you can find it right HERE.

Vintage purse compact

I always have a nail file with me and I love this crystal file from Mont Bleu.

Vintage purse crystal nail file

My Senna Blush & Bronze Duo in Beached Peach is always perfect for touch ups…have you ever noticed that nothing perks up your look quicker than a bit of blush??  I also love my little Crown Brush C109 Mini Bronzer Brush. Exactly what is needed for a purse.

Senna and Crown
Senna and Crown

Luck favors the prepared with the Minimergency Kit. It’s from the ‘Good Luck Series’ and the little four-leaf clover never fails to make me feel lucky. This little kit holds 16 different items that are truly essentials and it’s only 3.5″ x 2″ x 2″ so it fits into the palm of your hand. I am astounded at what fits into this mini life saver: hairspray; dental floss, band aids, and Blistex; Advil; a mini sewing kit that also includes a set of earring backs and clear elastics; and double-sided tape, breath mint drops; an emery board; a tampon; and clear nail polish. Just think of how many times you wished you had one of those items and couldn’t find one anywhere. Also included are three foil packs: nail polish remover, stain remover, and a deodorant towelette.

Vintage purse Mini Emergency Kit

I use a wonderful little box that came with some Nudestix items to house my lippies. I always have a lip balm and this one is Savannah Bee Beautiful Sugar Lip Balm. My lipstick is the gorgeous Julie Hewett Oona Noir, and I love it with my Alison Raffaele Lip Gloss in Luscious, a shimmery gold, over top. I also carry my Face Stockholm Lip Brush that is the perfect size.Vintage purse lippies

Vintage purse lippies and brush

The last items I throw into my purse before heading out the door include my phone, a Samsung Galaxy. I know people love their iPhones, but I am an Android girl all the way.

Vintage purse phoneFinally, oh how I adore my retro GARRETT LEIGHT Wilson Mirrored sunglasses that I bought from ShopBop. They have mirrored, gradient lenses and actually came with a hard case and cleaning cloth too. They are the most expensive sunglasses I have ever owned, but worth every single penny. They are still available on ShopBop in blue and in purple.

GARRETT LEIGHT Wilson Mirrored sunglasses
GARRETT LEIGHT Wilson Mirrored sunglasses

That’s all that is in my purse! Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the inspiring ‘What’s in my purse’ post from the other amazing ladies on the Beauty Spotlight Team.  – Lisa

Vintage purse goodies

*some items are press samples that have become staples; others gifts or purchased by me*


  1. Iris | 9th May 15

    Your purse is gorgeous. I’m an Android phone owner too. The emergency kit is a good idea!

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  5. tirurit | 11th May 15

    wow! The purse is absolutely gorgeous, but I really loved how well prepared you are and the items inside! Bravo! I might take some ideas as I know EXACTLY what you mean by rushing out the door and having to do your face en route hehe

  6. Anastasia | 14th May 15

    Wow, that purse sure looks unique! At least you know that no matter where you go, there won’t be anybody with a matching one 🙂

  7. Leelo R | 14th May 15

    This purse looks beautiful!

  8. [email protected] | 14th May 15

    I loooove your vintage purse. It reminds me of Great-Aunt Ida’s carpet bag-style purses. And I want your pretty glittery mirror, too!

  9. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 14th May 15

    I love that bag! you got so much in there!!

  10. BeautyJudy | 14th May 15

    So I want to comment on so many of the items IN your purse that I like but I have to say that purse catches my attention. The detail on it – that handle! STUNNING!!! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Honeygirlk | 14th May 15

    I really need to try some Nudestix, I hear so many great things. That bag… I love vintage things and this is awesome. I have a friend that would love this.

  12. Cindy Ingalls | 14th May 15

    I really love your vintage bag. So unique.

  13. Heather | 14th May 15

    That vintage bag is just too pretty! I also love those sunglasses, so fab! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Miranda Mendoza | 14th May 15

    Love looking inside others bags 🙂 The nosiness in me I suppose

  15. Color Me So Crazy | 14th May 15

    That purse is really pretty! I have a lot of similar items but I would really love to have that little emergency kit. You are right that when you need something from that it’s almost impossible to find.

  16. Nidia - Lit From Within | 14th May 15

    who knew that little purse could hold so much? So cute, too. That minimergency kit could be a lifesaver!

  17. Kimberly | 14th May 15

    That vintage purse and the mirror compact….*dies* Too adorable!

  18. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 15th May 15

    That is the absolute cutest handbag EVER

  19. Erika | 15th May 15

    I LOVE that purse. I’m a droid girl, too. I am currently using and loving my GS4 and lusting after the GS6 Edge.

  20. Renu | 15th May 15

    I adore that purse, the compact mirror and the Nudestix box. So much prettiness in one post!

  21. Stephanie Telford | 16th May 15

    The detailing on that bag is stunning!

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