Wantable July 2015 Accessories Collection is here!

Wantable July 2015 Accessories Collection

*July’s collection was sent for review, we include affiliate links for Wantable personalized accessories so we can build credits for future collections*

I love the days I find a Wantable package on my front porch. I never have any doubt that what’s inside will either be items soon to become a staple in my wardrobe, or else ones that go a little outside my comfort zone and challenge me to take a risk. This month, all my items are staples…nothing outrageous, but lots that fit right into my accessories wardrobe, rounding it out nicely and adding versatility.

Wantable July 2015 Accesorries Collection Ellen Scarf

Wantable July 2015 Accessories Collection Ellen Scarf

The Ellen Scarf (retail value $28) is a beautiful light scarf with paisley grey print on an off-white background. I love it because it is so versatile. It works great paired with everything from denim to a summer dress. I brought it with me to the movies because the cinema is always so cold and it was a perfect weight to carry and also give me a little warmth.

Wantable July 2015 Accesories Collection Caroline Bracelet

Wantable July 2015 Accessories Collection Caroline Bracelet

The Caroline Bracelet (retail value $19) is simple yet beautiful. This cuff bracelet is made of brass and has stunning chain link accents. Again, versatile is the word – I wear it with jeans shorts and a white t-shirt or with a summer maxi dress.

Wantable July 2015 Accessories Collection Pamela Necklace

Wantable July 2015 Accessories Collection Pamela Necklace

I can never have enough long necklaces, so I was happy to find the Pamela Necklace (retail value $17). This is a silver necklace with gold bead accents and a double chain. The longer chain ends with a coin pendant.

Wantable July Accessories Collection Earring Trio

Wantable July Accessories Collection Nala Earring Set

The Nala Earring Set (retail value $19) was actually a mistake in my collection! I was supposed to get the Shanny Ring, but got this fabulous earring trio instead. I think I got lucky! I love the little golden feathers and the other two stud earrings are really pretty when worn together.

Lots of staples that add versatility to my wardrobe in this collection! I am once again a happy camper. With a retail value of $83 this month, Wantable continues to be a subscription service well worth the monthly price. If you decide to subscribe, please use our link HERE which will help us earn credits toward other boxes for review.  – Lisa

*received for editorial consideration


  1. Ooooh, lovely things this month! I especially love the scarf, the necklace and the two sets of turquoise earrings. Very nice

  2. I love the bracelet and the necklace. Those feather earrings are so pretty as well!

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  6. wow! I’m surprised by how much I like this box. Hmmmm…. My wallet may not like me next month!

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  12. Those earrings look beautiful!

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  14. That scarf is gorgeous!

  15. Jess Scull says

    Fabulous box! Loving that scarf!

  16. I love the necklace!

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  18. Princess Anyaibe says

    The jewelry looks very nice, and cute! I love them 🙂

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