Twistbands and Flash Sale!!

Do you ever wear your hair up in a ponytail?  I remember when my definition of hair style was ‘ponytails‘.  When I was in elementary school, my mom put my hair in two ponytails every day, using these ponytail holders that looked like figure eights with brightly colored balls on the ends that looked like marbles.

Ahhh, the '70's...

Every day a mean boy on the bus would pull those big fat marbles so they knocked me in the head.  I quit wearing ponytails after that…well actually mom decided to ‘cut my hair’ and I ended up practically bald, which scarred me far worse than the mean boy on the bus.

Even if it’s a hair style I don’t necessarily wear for work, I still rock a ponytail when I work out, or do housework, or wash my face at night.    Some great practical and pretty ponytail holders (and more!!) can be found at Twistband.

assortment of hair ties

Twistband has really fun, cute, and practical hair ties and hair bands.  They have them just for kids, and they have them for those of us who still think like a kid.  These bands are fabulous because they are extremely gentle on hair – they are tight enough to hold the hair in place, but they don’t pull or break hair or leave those nasty dents.

hair ties close up

They also come in a large assortment of colors and styles, so there is bound to be something that will please just about everyone.  And because they are so cute, you can actually wear these as bracelets on your wrists, making it super easy to put your hair up at a moments notice.

beautiful colors

I love these for putting my hair in a quick ponytail, it gets my hair out of my way and doesn’t wreck my look for later.  In fact, I only wash my hair every other day, so I need something that will hold my hair out of my face when I wash my face at night.  Everything I tried seemed to wreck my bangs or put dents or snarls in my hair.  If it was loose enough to NOT do that, it wasn’t tight enough to hold my hair back so it ended up falling out and getting wet.  I was totally frustrated until I found Twistbands.


I use a headband to hold back my bangs and the sides of my hair, and a hair tie to hold up the back, and I am able to wash my face, put on a mask, do treatments that last 30 minutes…and when I remove the twistbands, my hair looks exactly like it did before it up.  It’s a miracle!!

headbands keeping hair in place, hair ties for a high ponytail

Plus they are just so darn fun.  I love the cool colors, and how you can mix and match them and put in multiple bands for a cute look.

So cute, and not the least bit tacky like scrunchies.  Oh my goodness, remember scrunchies???  Ok, let’s agree to all just forget them, it’s far too painful to remember.  Almost as painful as that haircut my mom gave me in 2nd grade….thank goodness hair grows back.

I love, love, love my Twistbands.  They have other terrific items that I am absolutely going to buy, like the shoelaces and the baubles.  And, Beauty Info Zone readers get a discount in our exclusive flash sale!!  That’s right, just put in the code BEAUTYZONE  and you will get 25% off your order!!  I am plotting a big order for sure, and I know Marcia is too – her little grandson is always grabbing her gorgeous locks, so she needs some Twistbands for her babysitting ventures.

Take a look at the Twistband website and peruse the amazing array of colors.  Trust me, you need these.   And please take your children to a proper hairdresser unless you want to doom them to years of therapy.  – Lisa

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  1. These are super cute! I definitely want to get some for my daughter.

  2. With my curly hair I always have issues with dents. These are such a super cute solution! I especially love the pic showing the side view of the ponytail and the headband.

  3. LOL OMG the flashbacks! I had the bubble doolies, the plastic barettes w/ little animals on them (CLASSIC ALWAYS).

    My hair is kept very short now (when it started thinning due to age and medication, I had to cut it ugh). But those are SO CUTE! I will have to get some for my daughter (I’m always nagging her about not wearing the traditional bands around her wrist–I know, such a mom, right?)

    I, um, have a well loved stash of scrunchies. BUT they can be repurposed–I use them around rolls of wrapping paper to keep it from unrolling, etc.

    But you can’t have my grey scrunchie. Or my velvish ones. Nope, sorry. LOL

    Thanks for the awesome review!

  4. I love these, Lisa! And I love how full your hair looks in the photos! 🙂

    ManicuredSlayer – I love my grey scrunchies too. 😉