On trend for fall: Aegean Greek Fisherman Cap

Brie Larson wearing the Wool Greek Fisherman's Cap for Elle Magazine
Brie Larson wearing the Wool Greek Fisherman’s Cap for Elle Magazine

Some of my favorite things about fall and winter:  boots…coats…sweaters…HATS!!  A trending hat this fall is close to my heart – and my ethnicity as a Greek girl – the Aegean Greek Fisherman Cap ($40, on sale now for $36).

This sassy hat is handmade in Greece by the Aegean brand, the same way it has been for the last 30 years. This hat is built to last, especially when you consider that it was designed for professional seamen. Now we are seeing it on fashion models and celebrities, like Academy Award winner Brie Larson who wore one in a recent photo shoot for Elle Magazine.                                                                                                                                           sample


The Aegean Greek Fisherman Cap comes in this season’s bestselling colors Black, Grey, and Navy Blue, as well as Brown.  Mine is Black, and I absolutely love this tough but romantic cap. I have a size 7 1/8, which is the average size for women.

Wool Greek Fisherman's Cap

Wool Greek Fisherman's Cap

Wool Greek Fisherman's Cap
Wool Greek Fisherman’s Cap

Hopefully your hat size isn’t the same as your guy’s hat size, because if it is he will probably steal this from you. Luckily my hubby has a huge noggin so it didn’t come close to fitting him…although I am thinking about buying him one for Christmas because I could tell it would look pretty terrific on him.

In addition to being the perfect solution when you are having a bad hair day, the Aegean Greek Fisherman Cap is fully lined and can withstand any sort of weather. Right now you can find this cap on sale with free shipping at The Village Hat Shop, an online accessory retailer.  – Lisa

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Wool Greek Fisherman's Cap