It’s getting hot with the July 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

July 2017 Your Bijoux Box

The hot, hazy days of July are here and so is a hot hot hot Your Bijoux Box! I love finding a box of surprises on my porch, especially when that box is full of accessories.  Woohoo! This month Your Bijoux Box sent me a statement necklace, a beachy necklace, earrings that go with everything, and a surprise fourth item, a body wash sponge that is perfect for travel.                   sample, affiliate links

July 2017 Your Bijoux Box
July 2017 Your Bijoux Box

The July Collection from Your Bijoux Box is a coordinated set of three jewelry/accessory pieces that complement almost any outfit, dressed up or dressed down. Each monthly box has three items for women (this month there were three items plus one extra item). The boxes are curated by stylists so although these are customized, everyone gets the same jewelry each month, although July had two color options for the earrings. A monthly subscription is $36 and there are options for a three-month ($103) or six month ($206) subscription. They ship to the US and Canada.

Catalina Turquoise Necklace
Catalina Turquoise Necklace

Catalina Turquoise Necklace:  I do love turquoise in the summer. It looks so stunning with tanned skin and breezy white clothes! The Catalina Turquoise Necklace is a gorgeous two strand necklace with art deco-style turquoise jewels. This is a beautiful piece that goes with everything from a string bikini to a maxi dress. It’s a fabulous summer statement necklace.

Summer Inspiration Necklace
Summer Inspiration Necklace
Summer Inspiration Necklace

Summer Inspiration Necklace:  The second necklace in this month’s box of hotness is a delicate 14K gold dipped starfish with tiny crystals. It’s a wonderful everyday necklace by Lucky Feather and I love the inspirational message: “Wear this necklace and let your worries drift away towards the sea.  Ocean waters are both calm and rough, seek the peace that you desire.”  I haven’t taken this off since it arrived.

Huaca Pyramids Hoops by House of Harlow
Huaca Pyramids Hoops by House of Harlow
Huaca Pyramids Hoops by House of Harlow

Huaca Pyramids Hoops by House of Harlow:  These hoops are classic and funky at the same time – and that isn’t easy to do. The tiny spikes make me feel just a little rebellious, but the size of the hoops make them also feel deceptively conservative. I love it! The Huaca Pyramid Hoops come in either silver or gold, mine came in silver. They are staples that I will reach for over and over.

Beach Grass Spongette

The bonus item this month is the Beach Grass Spongette, a sponge full of cleanser. Put it under water and squeeze for lots of soap. What a genius idea for travel. Nothing to spill, nothing to worry about at the airport. Just squeeze out any excess water after your shower or bath and the sponge is good to go for next time. It’s really perfect for any last-minute summer trips.

The July 2017 Your Bijoux Box  is totally hot and perfect for summer. Your Bijoux Box continues to be one of my most favorite subscription boxes and a great surprise to find on my porch!   – Lisa

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  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 12th Jul 17

    Very nice Bijoux box this month! I like all of the items

  2. Jen Mathews | 12th Jul 17

    I love the little starfish necklace!

  3. Lola Seicento | 12th Jul 17

    I am a big fan of Spongelle, but I have not tried this Beach Grass yet!

  4. Carleen | 12th Jul 17

    Love both of those necklaces!

  5. Judy | 12th Jul 17

    This box is perfect for summer. I love the hoop earrings!

  6. Deb E | 13th Jul 17

    I love the turquoise necklace the most. I have a neon orange top like yours that would look great with it. I love all three jewelry pieces really.

  7. Anastasia | 13th Jul 17

    That starfish necklace is so adorable! Love it!

  8. Michelle Tamasa | 14th Jul 17

    I love this box! I received one last year and it’s my favorite flashy going out jewelry. Awesome quality!

  9. Nora Grahe | 18th Jul 17

    Very nice Bijoux box! I wish I could afford to get this, Wow! Great products!

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