Function and fashion of olympic proportions: Maria Shireen bittersweet Bracelet

Raised handsOK, I want to see hands — how many of you wear an elastic hair tie as a bracelet, just in case you find yourself wanting to get that hair off your shoulders and out of your eyes? My hand is definitely up.  Now, however, it’s up so I can show you my gorgeous golden bracelet that also houses my hair tie!

Maria Shireen bracelet red white blueThe bracelet accessories line Maria Shireen sent me this very chic and modern bracelet from the bittersweet collection ($45).  It is incredibly fashionable, wonderfully functional, and is perfect for working out or going out.

Maria Shireen bracelet

Maria Shireen braceletsMaria Shireen has two different collections, bittersweet and Luxury.  The bittersweet signature bracelets are made of stainless steel and come in three different finishes: silver, gold, or rose gold. The line has five different metal designs, plus two BPA-free fun-looking plastic designs for those younger fashionistas. The Luxury Collection has two sterling silver styles in three color varieties, including silver, gold, rose gold.

Each Maria Shireen bracelet is more than a statement piece – it’s very practical as it can be worn with its elastic hair tie. It takes you right from time-challenged soccer mom to chic and stylish mom. I absolutely love how you can mix and match with whatever color hair tie you happen to have.

IMG_1229IMG_1238The founder, Shireen, used to wear her hair ties around her wrist (like most of us do). Her hubby noticed that the hair ties left a dents on her arm, so he designed a bracelet that looked great and held her hair ties without cutting off her circulation. The rest is history!

With my hair tie...
With my hair tie…
...and without!
…and without!

This bracelet is a fantastic piece of jewelry that I wear all the time. And if you need a great excuse for splurging on a little something for yourself, take a look at the gorgeous USA 2016 Medals Set ($110)!

Mira Shireen USA 2016 Medals Set

I hope you will head on over to the Maria Shireen website at and go for the gold…or the silver…or the rose gold!! – Lisa



  1. Kiss & Make-up | 7th Aug 16

    Heh, what a fun idea 🙂 I don’t really follow the Olympics though.

  2. Joyce Chitwood | 7th Aug 16

    Omg that is so Awesome. That is one Great invention. So Cool he did that and I love them I have so many and some r just wearing out and els tic is going. But what a Great excuse to need to pick up a pkg if u have the bracelet. I love that have to go on my Christmas list never too early. Lol. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Never Say Die Beauty | 8th Aug 16

    What an absolutely clever idea! I wear a hair tie on my wrist all the time. This is a great solution

  4. Aleya Bamdad | 8th Aug 16

    Loving this idea! My hair tie is on my wrist all the time and this bracelet would make it look so much chicer!

  5. Destany | 8th Aug 16

    Such a neat idea 🙂

  6. NORAH | 8th Aug 16

    Very cool and neat. I love the Olympics.

  7. Julie | 8th Aug 16

    Such a cute idea! I’m guilty of wearing hair ties in so many photos, this would make it cute! lol

  8. CosmetopiaDigest | 8th Aug 16

    I am never without a hair tie around my wrist! These are so cool! I love the Olympic theme.

  9. Judy | 8th Aug 16

    This is awesome! I have shorter hair and have for a while but darn if I still find myself wearing a hair tie out of old habits lol!

  10. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 8th Aug 16

    I almost got one of these but I don’t out my hair in a pony tail so I skipped it.

  11. Lola Seicento | 8th Aug 16

    That is so clever! I always wear a hair tie on my wrist!

  12. Babi | 8th Aug 16

    That is so cute! Simple, pretty and totally wearable!

  13. Lisa Heath | 8th Aug 16

    Cute, simple and useful!

  14. Erika | 9th Aug 16

    These bracelets are so pretty and I like the interchangeable colours.

  15. Kath Thefabzilla | 9th Aug 16

    I have long bair so I’m always in need of hair ties. They just magically disappear, I need lots and lots of hair ties!

  16. Honeygirlk | 10th Aug 16

    I have a few of these bracelets and absolutely love them… they have definitely made things so much easier for me.

  17. Anastasia | 11th Aug 16

    What a nifty idea!

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