Amping up my style with the Wantable March Accessories Box

The March Wantable Accessories Box is inspired by the iconic Marilyn Monroe: Wantable March 14 How can you not love Marilyn? Her words are just perfect for this box, which is all about taking your look to another level with bold styles, stunning colors, and interesting textures. You may love or hate the pieces I got in this month’s Wantable Accessories Box, but I can guarantee none of them will bore you!

Hair bands and earrings

Stasha Headbands and Django Earrings

earrings up close

Django Earrings up close

wearing my earrings

wearing my Django Earrings

The Django Earrings (retail value $22) make my boho heart skip a beat. I am crazy about the lava lamp-style stone center with the feathery looking metal pieces. While these are a style I love, they are much more over the top than earrings I usually wear.  I definitely feel like I am ‘amping it up’ a bit when I wear them. Since they are extravagant, I pair them with simple hair and makeup and still feel like a star.

Hair bands

Stasha Headbands

Yay, yay, I literally jumped for joy when I found hair accessories in this box!! Even more exciting, there are actually three different headbands that can be worn together or alone.  The Stasha Headbands (retail value $18) have a variety of textures and colors, and they have a stretchy elastic so they don’t hurt my head by the end of the day.

Gold Hair Band

Gold Headband

Patterned Hair Band

Patterned Headband

Leather Hair Band

Leather Headband

My selections include a shiny gold metallic headband, a colorful southwestern print headband, and a camel-colored braided faux-leather headband. It’s a fabulous array that ranges from dressy to casual, and I am beyond thrilled that I have three of them to play with.

Ear Cuff

Pearlina Ear Cuff

Ear Cuff

Pearlina Ear Cuff

Ok, so here is where my box veered WAY out of my comfort zone.  At first, the Pearlina Ear Cuff (retail value $10) was a mystery to me. An ear cuff? What is that?? I had to Google ‘ear cuff’, for goodness sake. (Although at least I realized it was an ear cuff…I’ve read some blogger complaints that they received just ONE earring. I guess I am a little cooler than I thought.)  I still don’t really understand how to wear it, although I am fascinated that this edgy piece has the classic combination of gold with pearls. I think this style requires a piercing in the upper cartilage of the ear, which I don’t have…but I am seriously thinking about getting one.  Am I too old for this?  I mean, I saw Helen Mirren twerking, so maybe even though I am in my later 40’s maybe I can get away with it?? I’d love to know everyone’s opinion!


Hullabaloo Sunglasses

love the detail!

love the detail!

wearing my sunglasses, ready for some sun!

wearing my sunglasses, ready for some sun!

The Hullabaloo Sunglasses (retail value $22) are a little more in my comfort zone, but they are definitely ‘statement’ sunglasses. I absolutely adore a retro look so I am thrilled with these – in fact, this may be my favorite item in the March box. I am smitten with the silver toned metal with black and white and the unexpected southwest print is really cool. These sunglasses are simply stunning when worn with turquoise jewelry.

Did you notice that my March Accessories Box had six different items?  There was so much fun inside!!  And with a retail value of $72, there is plenty of justification for splurging on yourself. I love all of my goodies, although I am still puzzling over the ear cuff.  What do you think, should I take the plunge and get a cartilage ear piercing? I’d love to know what you think!  – Lisa

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  1. Everything looks great on you, Lisa. I don’t think you’re too old to get the piercing.