Frizz Busters

Frizz Busters
Frizz Busters

Frizz happens.

Frizz isn’t pretty.

Frizz doesn’t make me happy.

 Frizz needs to be busted.

Even the women in the new Ghostbusters movie appear to have frizz. Not a pretty sight. So what do we do? We find products that help us tame the frizz and that’s what today is all about.


Aquis Towel Lisse Luxe in Chevron
Aquis Towel Lisse Luxe in Chevron


Aquis Towels have been around for at least 20 years but they’ve changed over time. I remember buying my first one and being amazed at the difference using this towel on my hair. When drying your hair, using friction causes frizz. With an Aquis towel or turban you allow the water to wick out of your hair leaving it easier to to style without frizz. My newest one was sent by Aquis and I am in love with it. Sunday, July 10th I’ll be showing more pictures and telling you more about this towel but I can assure you that you need one of their towels in your life.


Brazilian Blowout Thermal Straightening Balm and Smoothing Serum
Brazilian Blowout Thermal Straightening Balm and Smoothing Serum

After towel drying my hair I turn to serum, balms and other products to be able to even get a wet brush or wide tooth comb through my hair. I’ve used the Brazilian Blowout Acai line on and off for years. I get a keratin treatment about every 8 months so my hair is basically straight and fends for itself most of the time with frizz. But if I forget to use product I’m lucky to make it through one day let alone several. The Thermal Straightening Balm is used when I blow dry my hair since it locks out moisture. The Smoothing Serum is a multi-tasker. Not only is it great for blow drying and flat ironing but it’s recommended for use when you go swimming. Wet your hair and smooth some of the serum in to protect your hair from chlorine and salt. You don’t need to have a keratin treatment to use these great products, they are great for everyone.


Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream and Straight
Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream and Straight

Unless I’m testing a new line I like to switch up the products I use so I’m always going back to Living Proof. Everything I’ve tried from them has been excellent. My go-to line is the No Frizz one. Their Nourishing Styling Cream is just the thing to stop frizz. As they say “weightlessly blocks humidity, smoothes and conditions, no heavy silicones or oils”. If you believe in frizz busting this is one of my favorites. After buying it the first time I quickly bought a second during a holiday special. Straight Style|Lab is a spray that I use when I wash my hair. I apply the Nourishing Styling Cream otherwise I can’t comb through my hair. Then I spray this on in sections to seal. This can be used on wet or dry hair but it’s best used before you heat style.


DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment and Fast Dry Shaping Spray
DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment and Fast Dry Shaping Spray

I’m a huge fan of DermOrganic products. The first time I used them they were sent to me but I’ve since purchased several of the products. The Leave-In Treatment is a repurchase for me. This is a wonderful leave-in that is so amazingly light that you’d almost never know it was in your hair. But you do know because it does such a great job adding softness, shine, thermal protection, and controlling frizz. It’s made with Argan Oil of Morocco. While it’s not advertised as a frizz buster, it definitely works that way for me.

Fast Dry Shaping Spray is a great lightweight spray even though the name says Plus Hold. I hate helmet hair and I only use a spray on days that are very important style wise (like my niece’s upcoming outdoor wedding). I included this since it does a good job of allowing me to brush through my hair yet controlling it and keeping frizz from taking over. It’s vegan and there is no: animal testing, artificial preservatives, sulfates, gluten, sodium or chloride, salt, parabens, MEA, DEA or dyes. Plus it has a pleasant fragrance unlike so many sprays I’ve tried.

Living Proof, Brazilian Blowout Acai, DermOrganic all on my Aquis Lisse Luxe towel
Living Proof, Brazilian Blowout Acai, DermOrganic all on my Aquis Lisse Luxe towel

These are the products on my vanity, what do you use your war against frizz?  —  Marcia

*aquis sent for consideration, rest are purchases, affiliate links



  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 7th Jul 16

    I use either John Frieda 3 Days Straight, Bedhead’s frizz fighter or It’s A 10 plus a flat iron

  2. Nidia - Lit From Within | 7th Jul 16

    The Frizz Struggle is real. I love DermOrganic and Living Proof masks – they are my top two faves. I have to work them through my hair with a wide-tooth comb to get the most benefit from them. I also like Frieda’s Frizz Buster serum for smoothness. I need one of those Aquis towels!

  3. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 7th Jul 16

    Luckily I don’t have frizz because my hair is too straight and fine in texture.

  4. Babi | 7th Jul 16

    I really believe you wrote this post with me and my baby stray frizzies in mind! So thank you! Now I have a bunch of things I want to try!

  5. Kath Thefabzilla | 8th Jul 16

    Frizz is my #1 dilemma at the moment. Thanks for your recommendations!

  6. Tiki | 8th Jul 16

    My hair gets so frizzy that it’s not even funny. You just reminded me that I have that towel to try. Hmm…I need to break that out for my wash day this weekend.

  7. Shipra | 8th Jul 16

    My hair used to get frizzy because of the climate I lived in (humid), but now that I’m in Seattle, I’ve noticed a huge decline in frizz! <3 These products are helpful for when we do have humidity!!

  8. Shipra | 8th Jul 16

    My hair gets frizzy with humidity, so I will be looking into these products! <3

  9. Lola Seicento | 8th Jul 16

    My hair definitely gets frizzy, and it’s especially bad when there is any hint of humidity in the air! Thanks for the great recommendations the I definitely need to add to my list of hair care products to try!

  10. Stacie | 8th Jul 16

    Oh yes, anti frizz products are high my list this time of year. Texas has been so humid lately. I haven’t heard of most of these and will be on the lookout for them.

  11. Aquis Essentials Lisse Luxe hair turban and towel – you’re going to love these | 10th Jul 16

    […] introduced my Aquis Lisse Luxe Towel on my Frizz Busters post the other day. I too use mine every time I wash my shoulder length hair. I fold it turban style and […]

  12. Christa @Perilously Pale | 11th Jul 16

    Great tips. I love the DermOrganics line.

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