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Save yourself from dry indoor heat with Acuvue Oasys and Neova Breakout Control

I am loving the gorgeous autumn colors, but this dry indoor heat is causing me all sorts of problems.  I am a contact lens wearer, and my eyes get horribly dry when the heat is turned on.  Plus all that dry heat changes my skin and I end up with breakouts.  I’ve always thought having wrinkles AND blemishes was the definition of a little slice of hell.

photo from

photo from

I’ve been counting on two things that were sent to the BIZ to help me through this transition into the cold weather outside and the dry heat inside:  Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses and Neova Breakout Control Swabs ($26).

Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses

Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses

My savior from dry eyes!

My savior from dry eyes!

Dry, itchy eyes make me completely miserable.  I am always surprised when cold weather rolls around and I suddenly find myself reaching for eye drops every few hours just keep my eyes feeling somewhat comfortable.  What has helped me tremendously is switching my contact lenses to ACUVUE® OASYS® Brand Contact Lenses (  The HYDRACLEAR® technology embeds a moisture-rich wetting agent into the contact lens.  That means the lens is super hydrated, and a moisture-rich lens keeps my eyes moist and comfortable, even with drying indoor heat.

Neova Breakout Control Swabs

Neova Breakout Control Swabs

Neova Breakout Control Swabs

Neova Breakout Control Swabs

Talk about convenient…the Neova Breakout Control Swabs are really awesome for treating blemishes.  Using fingers to apply blemish medication is not a good thing – oils from fingertips can actually transmit more bacteria and exacerbate the problem.  These cotton swabs are filled with 2% salicylic acid that clears out pores and neutralizes bacteria, plus allantoin and aloe to soften and calm skin.  Break the swab at the red line and the blemish-fighting solution saturates the cotton swab tip on the other end.  Just dab the saturated swab on your blemish and it’s gone before you know it.

If you have issues with dry indoor heat, I highly recommend Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses to keep your eyes moist and comfy, and Neova Breakout Control Swabs to get rid of pesky blemishes.  Pick them up and enjoy the change of seasons in total comfort!  – Lisa

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Neova Illuminating Eye Therapy 4.0 and Cu3 Intensive Lip Repair

My dermatologist uses Neova professional products for office procedures, which is what got me interested in the line several months ago. Then I tried the Serious GlyPeel and I was hooked.  (You can read my review HERE). I was excited to try the Illuminating Eye Therapy 4.0 and the CuIntensive Lip Repair we were sent, and I used them both until I couldn’t squeeze even one more drop from the tubes. Then I was mad that they were all gone. But now I get to tell you all about them!

Illuminating Eye Therapy 4.0 ($58) surprised the heck out of me when I first tried it…it’s blue! Have you ever tried a blue eye cream? Something about that just tickled me and it made me happy every time I used it. Blue is fun and the effective ingredients are even better.

Neova Illuminating Eye Therapy 4.0

Neova Illuminating Eye Therapy 4.0

terrific packaging

terrific packaging

It's blue!!

It’s blue!!

There are seven main ingredients:

DNA CoFactor, an amalgam of two powerful delivery systems: DNA Repair Enzymes + Copper Peptide Complex® [CpC]: Mitosomes. A liposome encapsulated dna repair enzyme, Arabidopsis Thaliana, aids in the removal of the signs of oxidative damage.

Copper Peptide Complex [CpC]. Also known as Bis (Tripeptide-1) Copper Acetate, a delivery system that uses the body’s natural protective carrier to deliver proprietary copper peptides, an essential micronutrient for skin health, for maximum restorative benefit.

Pinoxide. Exclusive and patented blend supports natural nitric oxide production to speed blood flow and circulation, improving localized microcirculation to diminish the appearance of dark under eye circles.

Silica. Light-diffusing microspheres provide a wrinkle-masking effect.

Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer. Enhances skin’s barrier function and gives skin a smooth, velvet feel.

Skinmimics. A highly effective blend of new and unique long-chain Ceramides that provides effective skin protection, regeneration and prevention.

Squalane. Light, fast-absorbing emollient oil that hydrates and soothes dry skin.

Basically, this eye cream tackles dark undereye circles that are caused by poor circulation. The silica instantly lightens up the look of the dark circles, and the Pinoxide does the long-term work. Because the ingredients stimulate blood flow, the eye cream reduces puffiness as well. Plus, it also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s not a thick, heavy cream, but it still hydrates beautifully and I have been extremely happy with my results. Another plus is the packaging – an airless pump ensures the efficacy of the ingredients and is perfectly hygienic. This is a winning eye cream.

Another Neova winner is their CuIntensive Lip Repair ($22). This is truly therapy for your lips.

Neova Intensive Lip Repair

Neova Intensive Lip Repair

Intensive Lip Repair

Intensive Lip Repair

There are four main ingredients:

Copper Peptide Complex [CpC]. Also known as Bis (Tripeptide-1) Copper Acetate, a delivery system that uses the body’s natural protective carrier to deliver proprietary copper peptides, an essential micronutrient for skin health, for maximum restorative benefit.

Petrolatum. Forms an occlusive film on the skin’s surface, preventing moisture loss due to evaporation and protects against irritation.

Mineral Oil. A non-comedogenic, occlusive substance that helps improve the epidermal barrier function.

Glycerin. A humectant that attracts essential moisture to the skin.

Cu3 Intensive Lip Repair is not just chapstick or lip moisturizer. This lip balm not only makes sore, hurting lips feel better instantly, it also repairs the damage. Plus, it reduces the look of those pesky ‘lip lines’ and is a fantastic source of hydration for lips. I adore this, and I am so sad that I used it all up!!

All those dermatologists know what works for skin, and the fact that they choose Neova should convince you to try this line. Everything I have tested has been excellent and I am excited to continue to explore all the fabulous products they have to offer.  – Lisa

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NEOVA DNA Barrier Accelerator – just what your skin is craving

Neova DNA Barrier Accelerator

Neova DNA Barrier Accelerator

Have you ever read a book that you wanted to go on and on without ending? Did you ever play a song that you loved so much that you kept repeating it so it wouldn’t end? That’s how I feel about NEOVA DNA Barrier Accelerator. I don’t want my jar to ever end. There is something about it that is so soothing to my skin. I apply it and feel it soaking in and addressing all my dry skin needs. When this was sent for review I looked forward to trying it but I didn’t have a clue what I was in for.

NEOVA DNA Barrier Accelerator

NEOVA DNA Barrier Accelerator

NEOVA is a brand that’s used by dermatologists as a professional brand for procedures done in their office. But there’s also a consumer line with some great products. DNA Barrier Accelerator is a “super” moisturizer that’s said to make skin ‘hyper-moisturized’ in three days. I don’t know about 3 days since I (gulp) wasn’t paying that much attention when I first started testing this but I can say now that my skin is definitely hyper-moisturized. I’m amazed that with one of the coldest winters on record, with below zero temperatures for days on end, and with bone-chilling winds that my skin has no dry patches at all.

NEOVA believes that every skin type benefits from moisturizing and hydration, their mission is to help your skin help itself by accelerating its own repair process. DNA Barrier Accelerator preserves moisture, elevates repair and protection levels and calms the skin. There are 4 key ingredients that do this work for them:

*DNA CoFactor is an amalgam of two powerful delivery systems (DNA Repair Enzymes + CpC/Copper Peptide Complex

*Merospheres (Rosemary Extract) is a powerful antioxidant that reduces signs of damage caused by stress, free radicals and toxins. The extract helps prevent age related damage such as wrinkles.

*Lactomide is a combination of ceramides and lipids to enhance the regeneration of the skin’s outer barrier

*Linoleic Acid is an essential fatty acid that helps restore smoothness and combat hyperpigmentation

NEOVA DNA Barrier Accelerator

NEOVA DNA Barrier Accelerator

The results are much healthier skin for me that is not starved for hydration. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a cosmetic counter and the MA/SA tells me that my skin is dehydrated. I’ve used some excellent products that I would recommend without hesitation again. But I’m finding that NEOVA DNA Barrier Accelerator is putting those out of my mind.

Pump applicator

Pump applicator

I love the clean, sanitary packaging. The airless applicator pumps out the right amount each and every time. I love that there’s no fragrance to it. I love the way it feels on my skin. It’s truly a luxurious feeling. I don’t love that it’s $105 but that’s for a 1.7 oz/50 mL pump so it’s going to last twice as long as most moisturizers. And you know what? I’ll gladly pay this amount for it next winter to keep my skin looking youthfully hydrated. I dread moving on from it to test other skincare so I’ll be coming back to it in between.

If you have dry or aging skin, DNA Barrier Accelerator is a product I can highly recommend. It’s available on the Neova website where they have a special that if you spend $100 you’ll get a $50 gift card toward their products. It’s also available on the Dermstore website (put it in your My Favorites list to qualify for 10% off). neova  ingredientsWhile I’m anxiously awaiting this difficult winter to end, I’m not anxious for Neova to end. I want it to keep on singing along. — Marcia

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Getting in fine form for Fashion Week: Acuvue Oasys and Neova Serious Glypeel Mask

It’s Fashion Week in New York and all the models are looking fantastic despite the cold weather outside and the dry heat inside. Modeling is pretty grueling work…imagine being poked, prodded, and teased, then standing for hours, walking in ridiculously engineered shoes, praying you don’t fall on your butt as you try to look sexy and glamorous.

Looking amazing at the New York 2014 Fashion Week

Looking amazing at the New York 2014 Fashion Week

Reading about the favorite hidden treasures of models always fascinates me because they find the best things to keep them comfortable in a mostly uncomfortable job. I find that their recommendations are typically fantastic. In that spirit, I have totally stolen a few essentials from the models, just a few things they use to keep themselves ‘runway ready’ all day long.


Acuvue Oasys Brand Contact Lenses

a month's worth of comfy eyes

a month’s worth of comfy eyes

If my eyes aren’t comfortable, then I am absolutely miserable. Freezing cold weather makes my eyes super dry and then inside heat makes them even worse. I am so happy to have discovered ACUVUE® OASYS® Brand Contact Lenses (  I first posted about them HERE and when I read that models are gaga for them I thought, right on sisters! I used to have just horrible issues with dry eyes in winter, but I switched to these because they have HYDRACLEAR® technology. That technology embeds a moisture-rich wetting agent into the contact lens, which translates to a more hydrated lens that keeps my eyes super comfy all day.

The crazy winter temperature mashups lead to seriously confused skin, so when I read about the fashion model favorite NEOVA Serious GlyPeel(, $56) I was seriously interested! And this peel off mask does NOT disappoint.


Neova Serious Glypeel Peel-Off Mask


Neova Serious GlyPeel


Neova Serious Glypeel up close


You can see the clear mask outside the applicator

Holy smokes, this is a great mask. It is a thin, clear, kind of sticky mask. I smooth it on then let dry for about 20 minutes. It’s instantly evident that it is working, in fact the cooling effect at first is intense enough to sort of take my breath away. After the first few moments, the cooling effect goes away and I forget I even have the mask on. Then comes the really fun part – peeling the mask off – why is that so enjoyable?? Once the mask is off, my skin looks amazing – it is brighter, softer, and fully hydrated. It looks like I don’t even have pores. Ingredients include glycolic gel, tons of antioxidants, soothing botanicals, and sodium hyaluronate, which is the salt form of skin-identical ingredient hyaluronic acid.

I find myself using this mask several times a week. It really is one of the best masks I have ever tried, giving me fantastic immediate results as well as increasing benefits every time I use it. No wonder fashion models swear by this one!

Ok, so I am no fashion model, but why not take ideas from the pros? I may never be ‘runway ready’, but Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses and Neova Serious Glypeel Peel-Off Mask are keeping me comfy and looking good this season.  – Lisa

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Top 10 Tuesday Sun Protection Favorites

TOP TEN TUESDAY picked an important topic this week – sunscreen. I can’t believe the number of years I didn’t use sunscreen or used it sporadically. I’m paying the consequences now with too many sunspots. As an oldie, but goodie, sunscreen wasn’t in our family vocabulary. Coppertone was put on us to protect us from the sun but it really just made me burn. Now I know better and I’m an avid fan of SPF products. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order.
1. SUPERGOOP CITY SUNSCREEN SERUM* – Unfortunately I’m out of this but I want to repurchase it. The serum is SPF 30+, has no fragrance and is very lightweight. I used this as my SPF and moisturizer and primer – a triple threat!

2. SUPERGOOP DAILY CORRECT CC CREAM* – This is what I’m using now from Supergoop. It’s actually a lightly tinted SPF cream that provides SPF 35 coverage. It comes in three shades; I have Light to Medium which is a little dark for me (see swatch below). This can also be used as a primer and sunscreen that helps even out skintone. If the color is right for you then it will give you the corrective cream coverage that is so popular with CC Creams.

Supergoop CC Cream SPF 35

Supergoop CC Cream SPF 35

Supergoop CC Cream SPF 35

Supergoop CC Cream SPF 35

Supergoop CC Cream light to medium

Supergoop CC Cream light to medium

3. SUPERGOOP ADVANCED AGING EYE CREAM* – How many of you forget about your eye area when thinking about sunscreen? I just assumed my regular sunscreen would be enough but it’s absolutely not. I don’t get that close to my eyes with sunscreen plus that area is so tender and prone to showing aging. This SPF 37 eye cream is a big favorite of mine and not just because it has the best applicator in town.

Supergoop Anti-Aging eyecream with SPF37

Supergoop Anti-Aging eyecream with SPF37

4. MELANSOL 100% NATURAL SUNSCREEN SPF 30 *- This particular SPF 30 sunscreen is not for everyone but it’s perfect for those of us with very fair skin that never tans and always burns. MelanSol makes a variety of sunscreens for those of you who have a different risk level from the sun. This SPF 30 version is great for midday application when the sun is at its peak or for high activity levels when you’ll be out in the sun for longer periods. It contains active ingredients of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in its natural, cruelty free, vegan formula. I’ve found it to be hydrating and non-greasy. I love having a product that I know will have extra protection when I’m out on the water or in my yard with the little ones.

MelanSol Sunscreen spf 30

MelanSol Sunscreen spf 30

5. NEOVA DNA DAMAGE CONTROL *- A broad spectrum SPF 40 makes this a great choice if you want to be without foundation yet have some coverage when outside. They could call this a CC Cream since it’s described as a Color Correction cream that illuminates and brightens with a tinted, pearl finish. It comes in just one shade though with a very light tint. My skin isn’t good enough to go out in public with just this but I’ll wear it for days I’m at home alone or with a light foundation over it if I do go out. I’ve been very impressed with the Neova line and this is no exception.

Neova DNA Damage Control SPF 40

Neova DNA Damage Control SPF 40

swatches of Neova DNA spf and Supergoop CC Cream

swatches of Neova DNA SPF and Supergoop CC Cream (light to medium)

6. ALGENIST ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT UV DEFENSE FLUID SPF 50* – This is another of my old favorite sunscreens which I’ve used up. I’ve talked about it several times in posts. It contains Titanium Dioxide (2%), Zinc Oxide (17.1%) and Octinoxate (7.5%) along with the other fabulous Algenist ingredients that make this brand unique. I won’t go on about it since you can read my previous linked review other than to say, it’s great!

7. and 8. AVEENO PROTECT + HYDRATE LOTION SUNSCREEN* – Aveeno makes two different Protect+Hydrate Lotion Sunscreens. For your face you’ll want Broad Spectrum SPF 50 which is oil free and non-comedogenic. For your body (and face) you want Broad Spectrum SPF 30 which is very hydrating while being protective. These are both new products for 2014 along with an SPF 70 formula. Aveeno is priced right at $9.95 for a 3 oz tube and it delivers sunscreen in an advanced formula that uses their patented Colloidal Oatmeal.

Aveeno Protect+Hydrate sunscreens

Aveeno Protect+Hydrate sunscreens

9. and 10. B. KAMINS LIP BALM SPF 20 and VAULT RETRACTABLE LIP BALMS SPF 30 – We absolutely can’t forget our lips and here are two brands that I love using. Lisa reviewed the B Kamins so I picked it up at a local boutique, it’s actually more of a lip protectant than what we think of with a lip balm. It comes in a tube and squeezes out in an emollient balm. Vault Retractable Lip Balms are a twist on the typical balm because it was originally created for use during sports as well as other times. It takes three easy steps: PUSH the plunger (the bottom half) until the tip locks in place; TWIST the plunger to deliver the lip balm; CLICK the trigger to release the tip which closes it back up. Stick it in your pocket and it’s done. Nothing to fall off or lose. While they have a clear lip balm, it’s the tinted ones that are my favorites. There are 8 lightly tinted balms and they’ve lowered the price to $6.99 (from $9) and have free shipping.

Vault Retractable Lip Balm in Bikini

Vault Retractable Lip Balm in Bikini

Now that you’ve seen my long list of 2014 favorites tell me what your favorite is. Then go visit the other lovely sunscreen buffs in the Top 10 Tuesday group. — Marcia

*products received for consideration

5 UV mistakes you are making right now

With the summer season upon us, here are five common sun-protection mistakes (and how to fix them) from our friends at Aveeno and Acuvue.

aveeno protect

1.       Ditching Sunscreen on Cloudy Days… If you think a cloudy day means it’s safe to be UV-protection free, think again! You can get just as much UV exposure when it is cloudy, as you can on a bright, clear day. Make sure to cover up and apply a board spectrum sunscreen like AVEENO® PROTECT+ HYDRATE® Lotion Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 30, even if it’s cloudy.

a month's worth of comfy eyes

a month’s worth of comfy eyes

2.       Not Protecting Your Eyes… It is just as important to protect our eyes as it is our skin. The effects of UV exposure to the eyes are mostly cumulative and can cause irreversible harm to the eye if it is left unprotected or under protected. For comprehensive protection, consider the triad of protection: A hat with a brim, UV blocking sunglasses that have a wrap or wider temples on the sides, and for contact lens wearers, UV blocking contact lenses such as ACUVUE® OASYS® Brand Contact Lenses, which has the highest level of UV blocking in a contact lens.

 Neova damage

3.       Relying Solely on Your Makeup…More is better when it comes to sun protection and while your makeup may contain SPF, it is not enough. For optimal protection, prime your skin with a tinted color correcting cream containing broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection like NEOVA DNA Damage Control SILC SHEER 2.0 [Broad Spectrum SPF 40], before applying foundation. 


4.       Ignoring Expiration Dates… Yes, your sunscreen has an expiration date and it does matter! Using sunscreen that is past its expiration date, will result in less effective protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. To make sure your sunscreen is in tip-top-shape, also check out the label’s suggested storage condition.

troll hair

5.       Getting Into a Hairy Situation… Sun protection is a head-to-toe affair and no part of your body should be left out this summer – including your hair! When it comes to hair, over exposure to UV rays can result in faded color, brittle shafts and split ends. To keep your locks looking luscious, use products that protect from damage caused by sun exposure.

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