What are your favorite liners? Makeup Wars shares

Favorite eyeliners and lipliners

Eyeliners and lipliners are the stars of the show this week and I’ve got a lot of pictures to share. I like lipliners but I don’t use them all the time but I don’t go out without eyeliner. That’s my jam and I absolutely must have it on if anyone other than my immediate family is going to see me. My eyes totally disappear otherwise.

I was a huge gel eyeliner fan for years. I’d use almost nothing else. I had every MAC and Bobbi Brown one and then started collecting other brands. I was sure that gel eyeliners were going to be all that I used. And then I had an epiphany. Eddie Funkhouser came into my life with his Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus and that was it. Yes I still used my gels but the more I used the black liquid eyeliner from Eddie Funkhouser the more I grew to love liquid liners.

Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Defnition Eye Lining Stylus

Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Defnition Eye Lining Stylus

The tip of a liquid eyeliner is what is most important to me and the tip on this EF one is what all others get compared too. It’s thin yet firm. Some liquid liners have squishy styluses but not Eddie. The ultra black ink flows without skipping. I can do a line once and not have to go back over it. At the end of the day with this and all others though I do usually have to add more on the bottom lashline since my eyes water a little.

Physician’s Formula Eye Booster and Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus

After my experience with Eddie’s black liner I bought a ridiculous amount of brown liquid liners until I found my favorite: Physician’s Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum (aka PF). Of all the brown liquid liners this is the one I’ve bought half a dozen times including just this past weekend. Although it’s available in black, ultra black and deep brown I’ve only purchased deep brown. Between Eddie Funkhouser and PF I’m in eyeliner heaven.

liquid eyeliner swatches

Other brown liquid liners I recommend are Jesse’s Girl, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Mad Max Brown, and Youngblood Marron. All 3 of these have worked great for me. I have backups of the Youngblood, PF, and Eddie Funkhouser since I’m going nowhere without them.

Pencil eyeliners from MAC, Eddie Funkhouser, and Painted Earth

Pencil eyeliners in my house outnumber the amount of lipsticks too even though I don’t use them often. I do have three favorites though that I think are beautiful.

Pencil eyeliners from MAC, Eddie Funkhouser, and Painted Earth

I used to wear only MAC eye pencils before I became enamored with gel liners. MAC Black Russian remains a favorite and one of the few I use. It’s a black blue with teeny sparkles and really adds a twinkle. But of course it’s discontinued so I’ll savor mine. Eddie Funkhouser’s Graffiti Cream Eyeliner is an excellent black pencil that wears well on the waterline, can be smudged, and lasts on me! I love Painted Earth Superwear Gel Liner in Baroque. The color is stunning with it’s metallic golden brown hue. Another I have backups of. The other shades are great too but it’s Baroque that’s so unique.

Jane Iredale Mystikol liner in Dark Topaz

Jane Iredale Mystikol liner in Dark Topaz

Jane Iredale Mystikol liner in Dark Topaz

I haven’t forgotten gel eyeliners and I do use them often. My newest is Jane Iredale Mystikol in Dark Topaz. I bought this after reading Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog about the one she has in black. This is a beautiful golden brown with a built in brush that is actually great to use. It’s become my go to for gel eyeliner (even though it’s called Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner).

Wet n Wild Perfectpout Gel Lip Liners

Lipliners are the second part of this post. Last week I found a display with Wet n’ wild Perfectpout Gel Lip Liners ($3.19 each) at CVS (They are $2.99 on the wnw site). Since my local CVS stores never have anything new from WnW I grabbed these up and plan to go back for another one.

Wet n Wild Perfectpout Gel Lip Liners

My bathroom light where I’ve been taking pictures is very yellow so these aren’t totally true but Bare to Comment is a great nude lipliner. These are wind up so no sharpening needed. Gel liners, whether eye or lip, can dry out quickly so be careful to keep the top snapped in place. Since you can’t swatch you have to guess but at this price (and a CVS coupon) you can’t lose out. Never Petal Down is a great pink.

Lipliner favorites

More lipliner favorites though a lot are discontinued: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk which is a great nude and works well with my 2 CT lipsticks and others, Estee Lauder Midnight Plum (discontinued) and the only dark lipliner I actually use, Shiseido 702 and Brun Mauve (both discontinued but there are other great shades).

Lipliner favorites

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lips in 14C (Light Rosewood) is another great one for nude lips, Mary Kay Dusty Pink which is old as the hills and I was so upset when it was discontinued though I bought 3 more on Ebay within the last year, Mally Nude Light is a gel lipliner that’s glossy and fun to wear, and Lancome Charme.

And now you know my liner secrets! If I was forced to narrow this down it would be hard but Eddie Funkhouser liquid liner in black, Physician’s Formula liquid liner in brown, and Mary Kay’s discontinued Dusty Pink lipliner would be the ones you couldn’t wrest from my little hands!  —  Marcia

I hope you find more liners from my friends:

some samplessome affiliate links

Scooping up all the giveaways on 6/5/16: The Sunday Scoop

ice cream scoops

How is unofficial summer treating you? It’s been hot enough here for ice cream and lots of scoops of ice cream. We’ve got 4 great giveaways going on right now with more in the works. I just want to remind you to be sure you’ve subscribed and commented if you want to make sure you win. Have a great week.  — Marcia



6/14  REVIVA LABS #366 Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester & DMAE Cream  –  2 winners, US

6/17  SUBSCRIPTION BOX MAKEUP  –  2 winners, WW


Winners Circle: We had some great giveaways end this past week. Kim P won the MDSun Brightener Serum, Rebecca R won the Korres White Blossom products, and the 3 winners for Biore are Patricia D, Austin B, and Stephanie C. Thanks to all of you for following the rules and subscribing to the BIZ


6/5  Samantha Jane  –  MUFE Aqua XL pencils and the Charli XCX bag, WW

6/5  Dave Lackie  –  Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush fragrance

6/6  My Subscription Addiction  –  Zoe Reports Box of Style, US

6/6  Skinny Detox  –  $1,000 Sephora g.c., WW

6/6  Sazan  –  Sephora product giveaway (Sunday Riley, Korres, Origin, Boscia, Tatcha, Josie Maran, Farmacy and more)

6/7  Pretty Thrifty  –  Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick Palette, WW

6/7  Shop With Me Mama  –  ABBA Pure Performance Hair Care Products, US

6/7  Way 2 Good Life  –  Utterly Smooth prize package, US

6/7  Hannah Marie Lei  –  TapaReef sunscreen removal wipes and amazon-gift-card

6/8  Extra TV  –  5 winners, 3LAB’s WW Day SPF 40, US

6/8  Thou Shalt Not Covet  –  Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection

6/8  Kickin it with Kellie  – Organic Skin Care Products from Made from Earth, US

6/9  Clumps of Mascara  –  Sephora Minnie Mouse eyeshadow palette

6/10  The Beauty Closet  –  3 giveaways right now –  $25 Origins g.c., Deluxe Sample Size Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse for 10 winners, Be Ready for Summer Beauty Prize Pack

6/10  All Beautiful Mommies  –  Alpha Blu Skin Care which includes their Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream and Skin Serum. US

6/10  She is the One  –  Bobbi Brown mini must haves, WW

6/10  Shop with Kendallyn  –  COOLA’s Cucumber SPF 30 Face Moisturizer, US

6/11  Monday Project  –  Lip Kit by Kylie and Kylie Lip Gloss, WW

6/11  Fashionista Budget  –  Sephora Collection’s Lip Gloss Sampler, WW

6/12  My Style Spot  –  makeup from Pur, Pixi, Shiseido, Givenchy, Butter London, US

6/12  Organic Sunshine  –   Good Earth Beauty Giveaway: 1 perfume roller, 1 bar of soap and 1 body cream, US

6/12  Painted Ladies  –  Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Precious Metal Liquid Liners in 18 Karat and Sterling, US

6/12  Samantha Jane  –  Jaclyn Hill Becca Champagne Glow Face Palette, WW

6/13  All Beautiful Mommies  –  Korres White Blossom shower gel and body butter, US

6/13  Orogold  –  10 winners,  24K Sensitive Skin Cleanser, WW

6/13  Style Decor Deals  –  Manuka Oil products (Propolis Soap, Manuka Honey Soap, Manuka Oil, Tea Trea Oil, Manuka Hand Cream, Nectar Balm, Manuka honey), US

6/13  Leah Ann Says  –  15 Benefit products  (video that goes with this)

6/13  Vegan Cuts  –  huge giveaway including Vegan Cuts, Goddess Provisions, 1 Hour Break, Tristar Products Inc., Pacifica, Food Matters, 100% Pure, Goddess Provisions, Purple Carrot, Juice from the Raw, Molly’s Suds and Modicum Skincare, US


6/5  She Scribes  –  $100 worth of Amlactin, US

6/7  Reviewz and Newz  –  Lance executive daypac from ecbc $149.99 RV, US

6/7  Rita Reviews  –  Nikon – Coolpix L830 16.0-Megapixel Digital Camera

6/7  Literary Winner  –  Converse H004 Sunglasses, US

6/7  Blushing Reads  –  iPad mini, US

6/7  Sherryl Wilson  –  Pulse Bluetooth Wireless Waterproof Speaker, US

6/7  Box Roundup  –  Smart Stuff natural insect repellent and Smart Stuff mineral based sunscreen for face and body, US

6/9  Budget Earth  –  Kenneth Cole, Joseph Abbound & Anthony Fresh 5 men’s fragrances, US

6/9  Dorkys Deals  –  3 winners, Compact Travel Umbrella with Windproof Double Canopy Construction. US

6/9  Blushing Basics  –  BritaUSA pitcher

6/10  Simple Southern Family  –  pink Coach purse, US

6/10  Busy At Home  –  Bosch Compact Stand Mixer, US

6/10  Shop with Kendallyn  –  Dune Jewelry Personalized Stud Earrings, US

6/11  Whitey J  –  Canon Rebel T6i & 18-55mm Kit Lens, US/Europe/Australia

6/11  Nuts 4 Stuff  –  BedVoyage Eco-Luxury Bamboo Queen or King-Size Sheet Set, US

6/11  Powered by Mom  –  Sleepless in Manhattan prize pack (Kate Spade scarf, Kate Spade jewelry, an eye mask, sunglasses, tote bag and 2 copies of Sleepless in Manhattan), US


6/6  Sensible Stylista  –  $100 Amazon g.c., WW

6/6  IMHO Views  –  $100 g.c. of your choice, WW

6/6  Beautiful Makeup Search  –  2 winners, $50 Walmart g.c.

6/7  Giftcards and money  –  Still Blonde After All These Years,  $25 paypal ||  The Lavender Hytta, $25 Amazon ||  The Homespun Chics,  $25 Amazon US ||  Susie’s Reviews,  $20 Amazon, US ||  Utterly Amazing,  $25 paypal, WW ||  Kindle and Me,  $25 Fandango, US ||  Rats and More, $25 Amazon, WW ||  Practical Frugality, $25 Amazon, US ||  Leah Says, $25 Amazon, US ||  Wild Red Homestead, $20 Amazon or paypal, WW ||  Imperfect Women, $25 Target or paypal, WW ||  Go Paint Brush, $25 Amazon, WW ||  Kuklae, $25 Amazon or paypal ||  Tammie’s Reviews, $25 Amazon ||  Mama Papa Barn, $30, US ||  Recipe Fairy, $30 paypal ||  Heartbeats, Soul Stains, $25 Amazon and Aloha Beach Chair ||

6/8  The Mommyhood Chronicles  –  $50 Kohls g.c., US

6/8  Hello Rigby  –  $700 Stitch Fix g.c., US

6/10  The Mommyhood Chronicles  –  $50 Amazon g.c., US

6/10  Classy Mommy  –  $100 CVS g.c., US

6/12  Mommy Enterprises  –  $100 Am Ex card

6/12  Still Blonde After All These Years  –  $25 Amazon, US

6/12  Juggling Act Mama  –  $150 paypal

6/12  $25 Home Depot  at Susies Reviews and at Practical Frugality, US (separate giveaways)

6/12  Literary Winner  –  $25 g.c. of your choice, WW

6/12   The Anti-June Cleaver  –  $35 Amazon g.c., US/Canada

6/13  On Honeysuckle Hill  –  $100 AmEx g.c., US

6/13  Preppy Panache  –  $500 Victoria Secret g.c., WW

The Sunday Scoop (5/1) hopes to bring sunshine and luck so you win these giveaways


You know I love The Sunday Scoop and bringing you all the giveaways I can find but I’m also sad. When I picked winners for the giveaways that are over I had to disqualify so many people. We have two requirements to enter our giveaways: subscribe to our blog and comment on the post. I save all the comments and emails so if you have to comment via email I have those. But if I can’t find both of these requirements then I have to eliminate you. Please don’t let that happen. If your entry email isn’t the one you use to comment then email me so I know. I also had to eliminate “two” potential winners since the person entered under two names. I hate the sadness I feel when I disqualify people. Thank you and have a winning week. — Marcia



5/4  MIRAKLE CREAM  –  3 winners, US

5/10  LATHER LAVENDER SOAP SET  –  1 winner, US

5/17   SKINCARE BY ALANA – 1 winner, US

Winner’s circle – get ready because it’s long!  3 winners for 7th Heaven masks: Cris SG, Gabrielle L, and Edye. 20 winners for Gray Away:  2 winners for Nail Mates: Teresa K and Maren. 20 winners for Gray Away: Cindy B, Gina M, Ashley B, Carol S, Trenny P, Chantelle W, Victoria N, Rosie A, Susan P, Ann B, Amy O, Joyce C, Amanda S, Joti B, Cheryl F, Lynn, Sara, Michelle W, Alona Y, and Shannon O.


5/1  Never Say Die Beauty  –  Reviva Labs Vitamin C+ Serum. US

5/1  A Very Sweet Blog –  Tarte The Lip Sculptor in Harlequin, ww

5/1  Dave Lackie  –  Beauty Journalists Favorite Kit (• shu uemura sublime beauty cleansing oil 450 ml• Guerlain Blanc de Perle Brightening Lotion 200 ml• Biotherm Life Plankton Essence 125 ml• shu uemura eyelash curler• Lancôme Advanced Genifique Eye Light Pearl Eye Illuminator• Guerlain KissKiss lipstick in Crazy Bouquet• Marvis Designer Toothpaste in Classic Strong Mint• Elizabeth Arden SuperStart Skin Renewal Booster

5/2  Phyrra  –  big Urban Decay giveaway, US/Canada

5/2 early afternoon  Notes from a Dressing Table  –  $250 Sephora g.c. plus ColourPop cosmetics, ww. Instagram loop

5/2  Haute in Texas  –  Rodan & Fields Multi-Function Eye Cream, US

Butter London  –  Monthly giveaway plus a big one at the end of the promotion on 11/30

ERA Ageless  –  5 ERA Ageless products valued at $1,670. Included is an ERA starter kit, Wrinkle Filler, Facial Serum, Brightening and Pore Clarifying Cleansing Foam, and Age Defying Cream.

Beauty Undercover  –  SENTE Daily Repair Complex w/SPF30, US, several winners

5/2  Never Say Die Beauty  –  LATHER Lavender Soap Set, US

5/2  Kate Somerville  –  $500 in Kate Somerville products $500 in Lulu & Georgia credit FOREO LUNA 2 and ISSA hybrid

5/3  ADROIT Beauty  –  Beauty set with a luxury make-up brush, Pretty Pod, and Pretty Potion; US

5/3  Slashed Beauty  –  Colleen Rothschild Discovery Skincare set, US

5/4  Blushing Noir  –  MAC Whirl lipstick, ww

5/4  Extra TV  –  5 winners, Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate, Ultra Facial Cream Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

5/4  Christine Iverson  –  Irresistible Me Silky Touch Clip-In Hair Extensions in Silky Golden Blonde; ww

5/4  The Socialite’s Closet  –  JLust by JLo perfume, US

5/4  Gina’s Library  –  Yardley New Beginnings Gift Basket, US

5/5  A Beautiful Whim  –  NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device, ww

5/5  Shop With Me Mama  – ACEVIVI 50WElectric Hair Straightener Comb, US

5/5  Town & Country Mercantile  –  D&G The One fragrance

5/6  Dresses and Denim  –  Estee Lauder cosmetic bag w/product

5/6  Burning Moon  –  2 winners, cosmetics bag w/products, US

5/6  Dorky Deals  –  12 winners, Extendlife Age Defying Exfoliating Scrub for Men, Age Defying Exfoliating Scrub for Women, US

5/6  Burning Moon  –  3 Trust Fund nail polishes and a cosmetic bag, 2 winners

5/7  Prime Beauty  –  A 48W LED Nail Lamp (worth $119) from MelodySusie! US,Canada, UK, France and Germany

5/7  Fashionista Budget  –  Urban Decay After Dark Pencil Set, ww

5/7  Treat Beauty  –  3 prizes. First Prize ($1,600 Retail Value): Aquaswiss Swissport L24 Diamond Watch and Treat Beauty Gift Card, Second Prize ($400 Retail Value) AQS James Sunglasses and Treat Beauty Gift Card, Third Prize $ 100 Treat Beauty Gift Card, US

5/7  Notebook of Claire  –  MAC cosmetics: 2 matte MAC lipsticks in All Fired Up & Velvet Teddy, 2 MAC lip pencils in Magenta & Nice n’ Spicy, ww

5/8  Painted Ladies  –  Lather Lavender Soap set, US

5/8  Beyond the Beauty  –  3 piece curling iron set, US

5/9  Ahava  –  $150 shopping spree, US

5/9  Beauty Junkies Unite  –  Laura Geller Truffles Eyeshadow Collection


5/1  Bedazzles After Dark  –  Spicer Bags cork purses (1 Boot Tote in White Dots and 1 Folio Clutch in Cork Dash Gold), US

Cate and Chloe  –  5 winners of jewelry

5/2  Hooah and Hiccups  –  Hershey’s Prize Package, US

5/2  Mom Does Reviews  –  Juicepresso® Juicer

5/3  Sandy ala Mode  –  3 box subscription to Love With Food, US

5/3  Honey Girl’s World  –  Hershey’s Prize Package, US

5/4  Mom Does Reviews  –  Blue Lizard sunscreen package, US

5/4  Laura Lily –  Helen Ficalora Sterling Silver Mom Necklace, US

5/5  Dorky Deals  –  Jackpot Candle, ww

5/5  Cosmetic Sanctuary  –  $100 worth of Amlactin products, US

5/6  Susie’s Reviews  –  Iris Black Saffiano Tote ARV $125, US

5/6  Gina’s Library Info  –  customized name bar necklace, US

5/7  Dorky Deals –  Aromasense Aromatherapy Shower Head, US

5/7  LeilaLicious  –  Vitamix 5200 Blender, US/Canada

5/7  Stroller in the City  –  $300 Gift Card Four Seasons|| august Handbag || Miracle Links Mother Child Necklace || $100 Gift Card Belabumbum || Breakfast In Bed Set by DAVIDsTEA || A pair of Liberty ? Havaianas collection || Lovely Sheer Perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker || 14k gold Mom Charm by Helen Ficalora || Ode à la Rose Mother’s Day Package with 24-stem Wildflowers and Roses bouquet paired with a box of assorted macarons.

5/8  Budget Earth  –  Ninja Master Prep Professional, US


??  Refinery 29  –  $2000 Pottery Barn g.c.

5/2  Putting Me Together  –  2 winners, $100 Nordstrom g.c., US

5/2  Rafflecopter  –  $250 Amazon gc first place, runner ups win a month of premier rafflecopter

5/2  Lipgloss and Crayons  –  $50 Dick’s Sporting Goods g.c., US

5/3  Mom Does Reviews  –  $50 Bath & Body Works g.c. or paypal, ww

5/3  Blushing Noir –  $240 paypal

5/3  Sweeps 4 Bloggers  –  $50 Amazon g.c.

5/5  Makeup Obsessed Mom  –  $100 Amazon g.c., ww

5/5  Preppy Panache  –  $200 Whole Foods g.c., ww

5/6  Practical Frugality  –  $25 Visa, US

5/6  The Kids Did It  –  $20 Crate & Barrel g.c., US

5/6  Dorky Deals  –  $50 Little Caesars g.c., US

5/6  Our Piece of Earth  –  $25 Amazon g.c. or paypal, ww

5/6  Comeback Mama  –  $50 g.c. to Dick’s Sporting Goods or BJ Wholesale, US

5/7  Dorky Deals  –  $50 Amazon g.c., ww

5/7  The Styled Fox  –  $100 Nordstrom g.c., US

5/9  Extra TV  –  10 winners, $50 Macy’s g.c., US

Favorite spring beauty from Pixi Beauty and Pur Cosmetics

Spring Beauty Treats with Pixi Beauty and Pur Cosmetics

Spring Beauty Treats with Pixi Beauty and Pur Cosmetics

Today is a Top Ten Tuesday post. With a topic as wide as Spring Beauty it could be a top 50 without a problem. To narrow it down I’ve picked some Pixi Beauty and Pur Cosmetics items that I’m already enjoying and will continue to do so throughout spring (and surely summer).

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Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes in Amethyst Aura and Aquamarine Dream; Book of Beauty in Minimal Makeup

Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes in Amethyst Aura and Aquamarine Dream; Book of Beauty in Minimal Makeup

Here are the eye palettes that are going to make your spring – Pixi by Petra goes from subtle to bold without skipping a beat. There are 9 Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes ($12) that will make any of your color dreams come true. Amethyst Aura has every shade of purple you’ll need ranging from a light pinky lavender to a very dark purple. The shadows are all satiny shades that all purple lovers will be delighted with. Aquamarine Dream is a brighter palette that calls for sun and water. These aren’t pastels, instead they are bright shades that in the aqua and blue family. Think of the depths of the Caribbean and all those shades are within Aquamarine Dream.

Pixi Mesmerizing Minerals in Amethyst Aura and Aquamarine Dream

Pixi Mesmerizing Minerals in Amethyst Aura and Aquamarine Dream

But not everyone is into brights or, as in my case, likes to switch around. Their new Book of Beauty in Minimal Makeup ($24) is incredible. This has everything you need for soft spring beauty. There’s nothing to be afraid of here. This is what I’d grab for a spring break trip. It contains 8 luscious soft coordinated shades: 2 double pans of eyeshadow, peachy pink blush, light bronzer/blush, and 2 lightly sparkly highlighters. The eyeshadows are peach and brown, pink and bronze.

Pixi Book of Beauty in Minimum Makeup

Pixi Book of Beauty in Minimum Makeup

This is truly a find for me since lately I’ve been craving softer colors. The peach and bronze eyeshadows are just what I love and the four blush and highlighter shades are great day or night.

Pixi Book of Beauty, Minimal Makeup

Pixi Book of Beauty, Minimal Makeup

Pixi also has other great eye products. They recently came out with the full size Endless Silky Eye Pen in Slate Gray. Before it was only available in a small set. This dark gray is a much softer alternative to black. Pixi Silky Eye Pens ($12) are the best eyeliner pencils and I always recommend them. To brighten my eyes I like to use Pixi’s Eye Bright Liner in Nude ($14). This is for your inner eyelid to give you that wide awake look.

Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish, Slate Gray eyeliner, Eye Bright Liner, Tinted Brilliance Balm

Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish, Slate Gray eyeliner, Eye Bright Liner, Tinted Brilliance Balm

Besides eyes Pixi has some of my favorite lip products. Brand new is Nourishing Lip Polish ($12) that I’m crazy about. This is a lip scrub that also plumps but without any irritation at all. It tastes sugary and my lips are hydrated from this all day. The applicator has small bristles that massage your lips to help with circulation. “Luxe, nutrient-rich formula smoothes lips with shea butter & a blend of sweet almond, apricot, and evening primrose oils.” It’s great for rejuvenating lips and healing them too. Totally crazy about this Nourishing Lip Polish!! I’ve been a fan of Pixi’s Tinted Brilliance Balm since I got my first one in a beauty subscription. Lucent Glow is one of my favorites and I’m on my second one. While there are 11 shades I like that I can use Lucent Glow over any lipstick to add a luminous rose gold shimmer. It changes a winter lipstick into a softer spring one.

Pixi Eye Bright Liner, Nourishing Lip Polish, Slate Gray eyeliner, Tinted Brilliance Balm

Pixi Eye Bright Liner, Nourishing Lip Polish, Slate Gray eyeliner, Tinted Brilliance Balm

Pixi Beauty has gotten into skincare in a big way this year and one of their newest products, Hydrating Milky Mist ($15), is so unusual and will be great for warm weather. It’s a spray on mist moisturizer that is perfect for dry skin. It contains Hyaluronic Acid (my hero ingredient) and Black Oat for deep moisture and a youthful preserve. I can definitely use both. You can keep this in your purse or desk to add a mist of moisture during the day.

“This featherlight mist provides an instant surge of hydration with hyaluronic acid to plump skin. A blend of black oat, provitamin A, and linoleic acid makes this rejuvenator the perfect first layer of moisture before serums or makeup.”

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist

Pur Cosmetics has some great items for spring and I happily received two to test out. I’ve just had them for one use but I’m excited about them both and can’t wait for longer term use. Hydra Fluid ($39) is their newest foundation and it’s a water serum one. The texture is different than what you are probably used to using so you’ll be surprised at first. The coverage is wonderful while being very lightweight. I shook it up and put only 3 drops on the back of my hand and that turned out to be enough for my entire face. I buffed it in using a circular motion with my foundation brush and plan on trying my beauty sponge next. I’ll be doing a full review on Hydra Serum once I have more time to use it.

Pur Cosmetics Hydra fluid fundation

Pur Cosmetics Hydra fluid fundation

Pur Cosmetics Hydra fluid fundation applicator

Pur Cosmetics Hydra fluid fundation applicator

Pur Cosmetics Hydra fluid fundation Light swatched heavily

Pur Cosmetics Hydra fluid foundation Light swatched heavily

Pur’s Fully Charged Mascara ($22) is one I’m very excited about. If my first day of use is an example of how this performs, all the other mascaras that are open are going on a vacation now. More to come on this mascara too.

“This anti-aging mascara formula contains a revolutionary positively charged matrix that attracts to each individual lash to strengthen, thicken, lengthen and separate for unparalleled performance.”

Pur Fully Charged Mascara

Pur Fully Charged Mascara

Pur Fully Charged Mascara wand

Pur Fully Charged Mascara wand

Ten items to help make my spring a little brighter and happier! I’m quite sure my fellow Top Ten friends will bring more spring cheer. What are you loving this spring?  — Marcia

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