3Lab BB Cream – the be all and end all of BB creams

Welcome to Beauty Info Zone’s Side by Side review of 3Lab PerfectBB Cream. To put it simply both Marcia and Lisa are in love! You’ll be getting both of our reviews – Marcia who has owned and reviewed quite a few BB creams and Lisa who, up to now, was almost a virgin when it came to this category.

Here’s some info directly from 3Lab: Treats fine lines and wrinkles using anti-oxidants, vitamins and botanicals including Phytocell Tec, Nano Clair GY™ and ?-white to improve and even skin tone, brightens the skin, alleviate irritation and protect the skin from harmful UV rays and oxidative stress.

Marcia’s Side:

As our introduction told you I’ve been using BB creams for quite a while. They are my summer savior. Since I don’t tan at all – faux or otherwise – I am quite pale and need something to liven my complexion up. But in the summer I’m a walking furnace so it’s difficult to wear foundation. That’s where BB Creams have changed my life. I get varying amounts of color depending on the product and varying amounts of coverage.

If I could have only one BB Cream it would be 3Lab Perfect BB Cream. It is as close to perfect as any I’ve tried. This is a brightening formula with SPF 40/PA+++. 3Lab’s BB Cream not only brightens but it moisturizes and works as my skincare. If you know skincare then you know that 3Lab is one of the very top brands on the market with its incredible ingredients. The BB Cream contains those ingredients making you not only look good but improving your skin’s quality.

The formula of this BB Cream is gel like. It glides on giving me beautiful coverage. I like that it’s all I need for the day since it has everything in it. It has a sweet light orange fragrance that I notice at first but it dissipates quickly. I wouldn’t mind if it lasted since I love how it smells.  The packaging is so much fun because it comes with a small roller that you can use to smooth the product on with. I apply the BB cream in a few little dabs on my face and using the roller as shown below, smooth it out. It’s not necessary but it’s fun! This is the almost perfect BB Cream. The price takes it out of the realm of a lot of consumers ($95) but it’s worth it to me and I will purchase this when I run out.

Lisa’s Side:

Up until now I haven’t been that interested in BB creams.  I like full coverage, so a BB cream sounded like a glorified tinted moisturizer.  Then I tried the 3Lab Perfect BB Cream and realized I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

My perfect tube of 3Lab Perfect BB Cream

The 3Lab Perfect BB Cream comes in three shades:  01 Light (Marcia’s shade), 02 Medium (my shade), and 03 Dark.  I find the Medium shade to be very forgiving, so even though I cycle through many shades in the summer depending on where my faux tan is, it still seems to work for me.

Shade 02, Medium

I love the texture of this.  It’s not liquidy, and it’s not really a cream.  Like Marcia said, it’s almost gel-like.  It gives such a gorgeous finish, skin looks luminous and…well…perfect!  It’s got more coverage than any other BB creams I have tried, although I have to admit I haven’t tried a lot.

I know the price point is high, but my goodness I love this BB cream.  I use it all the time, especially when it’s really hot out and I don’t want regular foundation.  (I don’t ever use the roller, by the way, since I lost it right after I got it!  Instead I just use my fingers or else my Beauty Blender.)  This feels very ‘breathable’ on the skin but still provides enough coverage to make me happy.  Now I understand the hype about BB creams!  – Lisa

*PR samples


  1. WANT!!

  2. I’ve always wanted to try BB cream,is there something you can recommend for extremely oily skin?like you, I have equated BB to tinted moisturizer with exaggerated claim…but I’m always open to try new products.xo

  3. beautyin says:

    Kath, the BB creams are so much better for me with this heat. I don’t have to layer products, it’s just the one item and sometimes some concealer. I (Marcia) don’t have oily skin but Lisa does and she really likes this one. I saw you on Facebook so hopefully the ladies there have been able to answer your question.

  4. beautyin says:

    Lola – you do want! This is amazing. I have a slew of BB creams and I wear them all the time but if I had to stick with one, 3Lab is definitely it.

  5. I’ve been putting off buying a BB Cream but you are putting me over the edge with this one.

  6. Susan Olson says:

    I wish I could try this but it has wheat products that I can’t have. So I’ll stick to Dr. Jart. There’s a new one I’d like to try. I love the Dr. Jart and will have to stay with it. Thanks for printing the ingredients. That saves me a lot of time. Those of us that aren’t allowed gluten in our products appreciate it.

  7. I’m so glad I read this–it reminded me to pull out my tube! Great review!

  8. beautyin says:

    I’m glad the ingredients helped. It’s such a terrific BB cream that it’s a shame you can’t use it.


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