Whatever life throws at you, alkaline water helps!

IMG_2635We all know that the biggest enemies of beauty are free radicals. Fight those babies off and you end up with younger looking, soft, wrinkle-free (or almost!) skin. Any self-respecting modern skin care includes ingredients like retinols or vitamins that fight those nasty free radicals…but did you know the water you drink can do this too??



I was recently sent some 1907Water to test, which is a naturally alkaline artesian water sourced from New Zealand. While we may not realize it, our bodies could have unbalanced acidity levels due to stress, lack of sleep, poor diet…you know, LIFE. 1907Water balances those levels. It is sourced from the foot of New Zealand’s Kaimanawa Ranges and they go 680 feet deep for ultimate purity That means this water is wonderfully uncontaminated.

Take a look at all the health benefits!


With all those potential benefits, this water must do something great for everyone. Also, 1907Water really tastes great. I am picky about the taste of my water…I’ve been drinking bottled ever since the 1980’s when I lived in Ohio. We weren’t allowed to drink tap water because of the contamination of the Maumee River at the time, and I have been fanatical about the purity of my water ever since. 1907Water doesn’t disappoint in terms of taste thanks to the lower mineral content.


1907Water is available in three different sizes (MSRP 2 Liter $3.99, 1 liter $2.19, 500ml: $1.29). It is available in United States retailers nationwide and 1907Water’s bottles are made of 100% recycled BPA-free PET and are 100% recyclable.  – Lisa

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  1. As a nurse and a beauty enthusiast you would think this would have been a no brainer. NOT. I get it and it was an AHA kinda moment. Thanks for the post and the product!

  2. beautyin says

    Hi Sherry, so glad you liked it!! I felt the same way. :^D