Keeping comfy for the holidays with Kushyfoot!

Ahhh, it’s finally Thanksgiving.  I love this holiday!  Wonderful food, great times with family, that comfy, cozy feeling….it’s a great holiday.  I dress for major comfort, which makes me think of Kushyfoot.  Kushyfoot sent us a few items to test, and several have become such favorites of mine I rarely even put them away.  I just leave them out on my dresser so I can grab them quick!

Kushyfoot socks and tights

Kushyfoot has tights and socks that feature a ‘massaging sole’ so they are unbelievably comfortable to wear.  Seriously, it’s a pleasure to sink my legs and feet into these.  There are several socks that I adore, like the Opaque and the Diamond Pattern ($6.99 – $7.49) because they look awesome with flats or heels, and they are also so nice when I wear skinny jeans and boots.  They even have Fishnet trouser socks that look incredibly chic but do some reflexology as I walk around.  Love them!

Kushyfoot Fleece Trouser Socks

What I really live in, though, are the Shaping Tights ($9.99).  They are lined with fleece so they are the most functional yet stylish tights I have.  It’s like slipping into the softest, warmest pajamas…I always feel like I am getting away with something when I wear these to work!

Kushyfoot Shaping Tights

I wrote about these a while ago, but it’s worth mentioning the Flats to Go ($9.99) again.  With holiday parties looming, the prospect of difficult shoes and mega dance offs aren’t far away.  These cute flats are perfect for aching feet, not to mention long and involved sessions of the ‘Wobble’.

Kushyfoot Flats to Go

Kushyfoot actually has over 40 different styles of socks and tights, so there is a style of uber-foot comfort for everyone.  This line is available in over 10,000 stores, so keep a look out for it!  You can also find them online at

Have a wonderful, happy, and comfy Thanksgiving today!!  – Lisa

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