How to wear heels all night and still have happy feet

The older I get, the less I wear heels.  High heels look fantastic, but I find myself opting for safe, comfortable flats that I know won’t be difficult to wear.  As a result, my feet feel good…but they don’t look good.  So I was definitely intrigued when the BIZ was sent Still Standing Spray ($27.99), a spray that promises to prevent high heel suffering up to stiletto height.
 Still standing
I have been on a mission to find the perfect blue ankle boots this season, and I found these beauties at ShopBop:
My Jasmin Wedge Booties

My Ash Shoes Jasmin Wedge Booties

Jasmin Wedge Booties

Ash Shoes Jasmin Wedge Booties

 I am totally in love with them because they are my first covered wedge heel ankle boots, and the navy suede is truly fabulous.  When they arrived, though, I thought wow…these have a higher heel than I thought – can I really do a 4 inch heel for longer than a half hour??
some seriously pointed toes...

some seriously pointed toes…

I had already dealt with the pointy toe by ordering one size up.  But I figured, hey, these are perfect for giving Still Standing Spray a whirl!

 Even if you don’t regularly wear heels, I’ll bet you find yourself slipping on some sexy shoes for special occasions – a night out dancing with friends, your niece’s wedding, that first date with the guy from who looks nothing like his photo – all those times when flats just don’t cut it.  But the pressure put on feet from the unnatural position heels puts them in causes irritation, heat, and swelling.  That inflammation makes shoes feel tight, and within minutes you feel miserable.  Still Standing Spray is preventative – it stops the irritation from happening – but you have to be wearing shoes that fit.  It’s not going to make you wear a size 6 when you are really a size 8!
Still Standing Spray, purse size

Still Standing Spray, purse size

Still Standing 2

 Still Standing Spray keeps feet cool and prevents irritation (although it can’t do anything about the ugly guy).  The ingredients include cooling menthol, and for inflammation and pain it has arnica and aloe.  All the ingredients are from organic plants that have been eco-distilled so they keep their efficacy.  One more ingredient is in the formula – Ilex, which is an anti-inflammatory plus it actually makes the other ingredients more potent.
Still Standing Spray doesn’t numb feet, it makes them so comfy they don’t start hurting in the first place.  An application to bare skin (or on top of thin socks) lasts about three or four hours, so every order includes a great purse-size bottle for any reapplication needs.  The spray is colorless and won’t stain clothes or shoes.

So did it work for me and my kick ass new Jasmin Wedge Booties?  Yup.  I reapplied after 2 1/2 hours just to be sure, but I wore my new boots for five hours and I didn’t limp once.

If you wear heels, you want to give this a try for truly happy feet, even in heels.  Check it out online at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter @byStillStanding.  – Lisa

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